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House Update

It has been a long journey trying to finish our house.  I would imagine that my loyal readers are as tired of hearing “It’s almost done”, as I am!  As you know I was in Ohio for a week so that the house could be finished painting.  Here is what it looked like when I left.

Well kind of; we had doors up but they weren’t painted and it wasn’t this messy!

Blake worked really hard to get the trim up and get everything painted!  It was so nice to come home to fresh paint and a finished feeling house.  He even finished the bedroom even though it wasn’t in the original plan when I left.  He worked really hard to get it finished and move the bed in.  We have been sleeping on an air mattress for a few months now because we didn’t want to move all the furniture in before the painting was finished.  Here is what things are looking like now!

The curtains make it feel so cozy!

That’s right, still no chairs!  We found some just haven’t gotten them yet.

I am going to put big palm trees on each side of the entertainment unit and we need some framed art…BAD!!!

I love how the bedding looks with the paint.  We still have to move the rest of the furniture in.  I am hoping to find some good deals on some accessories like are rugs, pictures, and all the cute odds and ends.  Lowe’s has some nice indoor plants on clearance that I will be snatching up to help bring some green in!  I just hope to get things more settled before the baby comes because I fear it won’t happen after that!

I almost forgot!

Jeannie thank you for reminding me!  I was gone so long I forgot about the midwife appointment!

It went really good.  She checked my blood and urine and said everything was looking good except I need more water.  We talked about nutrition a little and I answered tons of questions.  This visit was mostly about getting my medical history and talking about how I was feeling.  We did attempt to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  Since the baby was still so little we would be lucky to hear it.  We did hear something for a slight second then she couldn’t find it.  I can’t wait until next time when the baby is bigger.

Over all I have been feeling pretty good.  My back has been starting to hurt so I did get to the chiropractor last week.  I will be working with him as well as the midwife till I deliver.  My morning sickness is letting up.  I feel good more days than not now.  Unfortunately I had a few bad days this weekend but feeling better today!  Now I just need to start doing more exercise.  I have only 6 months now!


I ended up being in Ohio for longer than planned.  Blake finished the bedroom too so I had to stay until Wednesday for the paint fumes to dissipate.  I had a great trip but was more than ready to come home!  I took pictures of my sisters new little one, Isabel before I left and made some announcements for her to send out.  Here are a few of them:


Congratulations to my sister Chelsea and her husband Nate!  She gave birth to Isabel at 10:38 am Thursday.  Isabel weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and was about 21 inches long!  Her labor went pretty fast; only having got to the hospital 2 hours before. 

I was so glad to get to be in Ohio to see the baby!  I will have lots of pictures to post when I get home Saturday or Sunday.  It all depends on when the paint fumes exit from my home.  Blake says that the house is looking fantastic too.  I will post pictures of that as well!

Babies, Babies and more Babies

Okay so maybe this week really just involves 2 babies, and no I am not saying I am having twins.  My little sister Chelsea is due this week with her second baby.  They are expecting a girl.  It was fun being pregnant at the same time as her for a few months!  My other sister took a picture of us together when I was in Ohio but I don’t have a copy yet. (hint hint Jen!)

I am really hoping that my sister will not go into labor until after Tuesday!  We are finally going to be painting all the final coats in the living room, dinning room, and kitchen.  This means a whole week of painting and fumes that I can’t be around.  So Blake is shipping me off to Ohio.  I am so excited because I really wanted to be there when my sis has her baby!  Now I have a good chance!  Her due date is the 18th but she has already started to have some small contractions!

I am not looking forward to the 3 hour drive by myself.  I am taking Chloe to keep me company but she can’t keep me from getting worn out.  I haven’t even unpacked completely from our last trip and now I have to pack again.  It is easier just packing for myself though!  I am really bummed out that Blake is staying behind.  I hate going without him!

And the other baby comes in this week when I have my first Midwife appointment on Tuesday.  I am really excited to see what all she is going to do.  I really don’t know exactly what to expect.  I will post a little something to let everyone know how it goes!  I will be heading out Tuesday after the appointment so please pray for my trip.

Oh and when I get home I will finally be able to post some pictures of this place looking more like a home.  I will finally get to decorate!!!!!

A big flop

I tried unsuccessfully to make Tammy’s Pumpkin Rolls tonight.  I have drooled over the sound of these for so long and was very excited to try them.  Unfortunately they didn’t work for me because my yeast was bad.  I tried dissolving what was left over in water with sugar after the dough wouldn’t rise only to find that the yeast would not bubble or foam.  As soon as I get some more yeast I will try them again.  Hopefully I will be able to let everyone here know how yummy they are soon!

This picture from Tammy’s site is what they should look like.  Mine went in the trash in the form of raw dough.