A Long Overdue Date

With the baby just around the corner we decided that we needed to try to have sometime for ourselves before she comes.  Blake had Friday off of work so we decided to spend the day relaxing and enjoying the time together.  I was really hoping for a sunny day so that we could go to the horse park and have a picnic…but it rained and stormed all day long.  We headed out of the house early to get breakfast.  While at breakfast we tried to decide what to do since it was going to rain all day.

With not many options to choose from we decided on going to see a movie.  This is something we have said we needed to do before the baby came because we have never been to the theater together.  We dated for 8 long months long distance so the things we could do were just over the phone.  We did watch movies over the phone by syncing a dvd to start on our computers at the same time.  Sounds weird but it worked and when you are apart for 8 months you will do anything to spend time together and try to make things feel normal!

After getting married we couldn’t justify spending the money to go see a movie when we enjoyed the comfort of watching one at home.  So with the rain we decided to have a traditional movie date before the baby comes.  We watched Knowing which was very good!  It was nice because we catch an early show time and so there were only a couple of other people in the theater.

After the movie we went to a few stores to look for some deals on a few baby items that we still need.  We didn’t really find anything so then we headed to dinner.  We ate a quick dinner at Steak n Shake; Blake had never been there before.  We shared a milk shake after dinner and then headed home.  We spent the rest of the night like a few teenagers playing video games all night.  We had just gotten Mario Cart for the Wii and battled it out all night.  We had so much fun!  We must have really decided we could still act like teenagers because we ordered a very late greasy pizza at 10:30.  We had a fun time but the next day realized we just can’t eat like that anymore.

So I guess now we are completly ready for this baby.


All Most There

We spent out Saturday cleaning.  Blake was a huge help!  It feels so good to have the house cleaner.  We will have a few more things to do tomorrow but we made a huge dint in it today.  I have gotten so behind trying to get caught up on everything because it was just wearing me out.  Now that we are cleaning the entire house this weekend I should be able to take 1 or 2 jobs each day and keep up with everything.

Here is a run down of what we did and what we still have to do.  It might sound like our house was just a disaster but it was just…well kind of a disaster.

I did 2 loads of dishes and deep cleaned the fridge.  We had so many dirty dishes after a few days with no electric.  I still have to finish washing some pots and pans.
Blake cleaned all the tools and some construction trash out of the bathroom.  Then he took on the huge task of cleaning off the dinning room table.  This has been our dumping ground for a while.  It is so bad because we still don’t have any chairs to sit at the table.  So we just dump everything on it.  He also cleaned out some boxes that were under the table that were just a bunch of things with no home.  Now that we have our closets we have homes for lots of things.

We still have to put away a few loads of laundry, find a place to store our Christmas ornaments (they have just been sitting around since Christmas), pick up a few things in the bedroom, and a few things in the living room.  Those are all pretty small tasks.  The big thing we will do tomorrow is vacuum all the floors, clean the the baseboards and trim, mop and dust the floors, and dust everything else.

Not the best way to spend your weekend but it feels so good to get so much done.  Now I can do some of the small projects each week that need done before the baby.  Like cleaning out the pantry and going through odd drawers and baskets.  Finding appropriate homes for things that have yet to have homes.  We are still getting moved in I guess.  I just hope to be more settled before the baby comes.  I will post pictures of how great everything looks on Monday!

New friends and new toys.

Saturday was Chloe’s 2nd birthday!  To celebrate her day we took her to the dog park so she could run and play.  We were finally able to meet up with a fellow blogger and Weimie owner.  Diana found my blog last year when they were getting ready to get a puppy.  Diesel just turned a year old a few weeks ago but he makes Chloe look tiny.  The 2 of them got along really well and just seemed to have a great time playing.  And of course we had a great time talking to Diana and her husband John.

Go by her blog and say hi and see her handsome boy, Diesel.

After the dog park we took Chloe to PetSmart and got her a new toy.  I have heard really good things about these toys from other Weim owners.
bad_cuzThe Bad Cuz! They hold up really well and keep the dogs attention for a good amount of time.

Chloe has managed to tear up some of the feet but other than that it is holding up very well.  And the greatest part is that she is sleeping at 7:30 in the evening.  I have never seen a toy wear her out like this one without us being worn out to.  Now this toy does have a terrible squeak but we have learned to block it out already!

Her is a clip of Chloe enjoying her Birthday toy!

Quick Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend!  Friday night we played cards and had pizza with a few couples from church.  It was so much fun and gave us a chance to get to know people a little more.  Our new friends are quickly becoming very much like family!

Sunday after church we had some grocery shopping to do.  We recently got a membership to Sam’s Club.  We got a great deal on it because we split the cost with my in-laws.  We have found some great deals since joining.  Of course you have to watch prices but we will save enough to pay off the price of the membership just with dog food.  Yesterday I picked up a huge bag (12lbs.) of baking soda.  I go through this stuff like crazy because I use it for cleaning.  I also got a big thing of Cascade for the dish washer.  As far as grocery’s we got 2 whole chickens, 5lbs. of ground turkey, salad mix, bananas, and a fresh veggie mix.

After that we went to a few other stores and looked around then went into Kohl’s and found some great deals on clothes.  I have not bought much in the way of maternity clothes yet and the bigger I get the more I need them!  I got a pair of black dress pants, a purple sweater, and a grey long sleeve t-shirt.  Blake got a few sweaters for work too.

375110_plum 3751141

I think these will make a great Christmas outfit.

We had a great weekend and found some great deals!  The weekend went by way too fast.  This week we will be working on trying to finally finish the bathroom.  It is getting too cold to walk upstairs for showers.  hopefully I will have some god pictures to post by the end of the week.

What a great weekend!

Friday night we had a party to attend for our Sunday school class.  I felt terrible most of the day and it took most of my energy to just get ready.  I was so afraid that I would be miserable at the party.  But thankfully I felt pretty good.  I ate a chicken sandwich on our way and it helped settle my stomach before we got there.  We were really excited about the party because we haven’t gotten a chance to meet many people at church yet.  It was a great way to get to know everyone better. 

The family that hosted the party did a great job.  They had wonderful food and games to keep everyone busy!  I was able to stomach the yummy Stromboli that they had but the chocolate cake was another story.  I had to try it but chocolate still just doesn’t taste good.  We all played some Apples to Apples after dinner and had a great time.  It was so nice to see everyone had great senses of humor and we got along with them all very well.

Then Sunday we went to church and it was so nice because we felt more at home.  It was nice to have some people that we knew after the party.  It has been so hard trying to find a church that we want to call home and now with the baby coming we have more things to want in a church.  Or last church didn’t have hardly anyone our age and it was difficult.  This church has many people our age with young children. 

I felt okay through most of church but as was getting pretty hungry toward the end.  I was eating crackers during service to help hold me over.  After church we grabbed some quick food and went to a few stores.  We stopped in Babies”R”Us to start to get some ideas of bedding and all the essentials.  It was fun!  We easily agreed on bedding for either a boy or girl.  Here are the ones we liked:

Kids Line Mulberry 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set - Kids Line  - Babies"R"UsAngelica 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set - Cocalo  - Babies"R"Us

Nautica Kids William 4 Piece Crib Set - Crown Craft Infant Products  - Babies"R"UsBaby Martex Pro Flyer 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set - Baby Martex  - Babies"R"Us

We also went to the Maternity Store to look for some clothes for me.  I am getting really fat already!  (I will post pictures as soon as I get some.)  I am really surprised how much I am showing at only 8 weeks.  I found some clothes I really liked!  I bought a pair of jeans last week from JCPenney’s but have not been happy with the way they fit.  The pair I tried on yesterday were so much more comfortable!

I was so tired yesterday when we got home!  But I slept great last night and have felt better today than I have since I found out I was pregnant!  I hope everyone had good weekends for themselves!

Yard Sale

So we did go through with our last minute yard sale.  We were so unorganized.  We waited until this morning to make signs, put them all around town, and set up everything.  We were hoping to start around 10 and we had people showing up before we even had everything out on the tables.  I was leery about how well we would do because we mostly had clothes.  Most of them were name brand and in like new condition so all we needed was someone who needed clothes…in our sizes.  We made most of our money in the first half an hour.  Then after a few more hours the traffic slowed down completely.  We decided to call it a day early.  Next weekend we are going to have a bigger yard sale so hopefully we can sell the rest of it!  This was like a trial run to make sure we could get people to even show up since our house is kind of hard to find. 

I am glad we ended early because I am still not feeling the best and it is a hot one today!  It is currently 90 degrees outside!  So I think I will stay in the rest of the day and make some homemade pizza and watch a movie!  We decided to move our couch and chair in the living room even though we still have one more coat of paint to finish because we were getting tired of not having anywhere to sit down.  Now I really can’t wait to decorate! 

Well there is not much else going on around here.  I do want to let everyone know that Blake heard from the Post Office yesterday telling him that he got the job.  This is such a blessing!  Now we are just waiting to hear when they want him to start.

Long Weekend

I had a great weekend!  Blake had to study for his state test for his EMT class, so he sent me off to Ohio to visit with my family.  It was really unplanned but it was a nice visit! 

Saturday we got up early and went to the Lexington Farmer’s Market.  It was lots of fun!  When we got home Blake decided I should go spend a few days with my family since he would be studyingall weekend.  So I packed up and hit the road.  I took Chloe with me because she would help me not be as homesick.  I tried calling my mom this time to give her a heads up but couldn’t get a hold of her.  I tried calling all my sisters too and none of them were home.  That only meant that they were all together.  By the time I got there I still couldn’t find anyone so I looked at my mom’s calendar.  It just so happened that it said “trash can diner”.  That could only mean that everyone was at my grandpa’s house having a cookout.  So I went over there and found everyone!  It was nice to be able to see my grandpa too!  He got put in the hospital the next day for a small heart attack so everyone please pray for him!

I spent Sunday and Monday hanging out with my mom, 2 of my sisters and their kids.  It was so nice to spend so much time with everyone!  I missed Blake like crazy though!  It just wasn’t the same without him.  I stayed until late Monday night because Blake had his test that night.  I had planned to leave early Tuesday but left late Monday to avoid the traffic. 

All of Blake’s studying payed off because he passed his test!  Now he is finished with school!  I am so glad because I hated when he had to go!  I was really proud of Chloe because she did great while we were in Ohio!  For once she didn’t pee on the floor when we were there.  She also did really great with all of the kids.  They had a lot of fun playing with her!

I had a great weekend but I am glad to be home!  Oh I came home to a kitchen sink, dishwasher, and the ice maker working!  I need to catch up on some posts now like my menu.  I will post it for the remainder of the week!