13 Fall Things

My favortie season is here.  I am enjoying the cool air outside today!  Here is my list of 13 things I hope to do this Fall!

1.   Go to the pumpkin patch.
2.   Have a bonfire and make smores.
3.   Go to the apple orchard.
4.   Eat a corn dog at Court Day.
5.   Have a fall party with yummy fall snacks.
6.   Drink some apple cider.
7.   Plant some Mums.
8.   Eat a funnel cake.
9.   Go to Ohio for my Dads B-day.
10.  Take the dogs to the dog park.
11.  Shop for fall maternity clothes.
12.  Take a fall hike and see the pretty colors.
13.  Watch the season premiere of The Office. 


Thursday Thirteen

I didn’t have much to write about today so I decided to do an episode of Thursday Thirteen.  My first episode will be:

13 Things on my to do list!

1.  The laundry!  I need to find a system that works for us!

2.  Buy stepping stones for a temporary walkway this winter.  It is already so muddy trying to walk to the front door.

3.  Pick out my wall colors for my bedroom and bathroom.

4.  Finalize details for the house with Blake.  Like what are we going to do about a certain door that is posing a problem???

5.  Sell my car!  Any buyers?? 

6.  Get unwanted clothes ready to sell on Ebay.  I am trying to narrow our clothes down to key pieces that we really enjoy wearing. 

7.  Pack away summer clothes.

8.  Make my Christmas list for the gift exchange at my parents house.

9.  Decide what to get Blake for Christmas and go shopping.  

10.  Get back to my Lord’s Table study and eating plan.  I gained 3 inches of the 2 I lost.  The holidays are coming and I need to be ready for that spiritual warfare!

11.  Start memorizing daily Bible verses.

12.  Clean out my file basket and get it labeled.

13.  Give Chloe a bath and clean her cage.  With the change in weather she is shedding like crazy!

I am tired just trying to think of the things I need to do!  I better go get busy it was worse than I thought!