way too funny

As you know we were trying to figure out if Blake resembles John Mayer.  I actually do think there is a resemblance.  BUT to entertain ourselves even more we decided to up load a picture of him on My Heritage to see if that would say he looked like John Mayer.  It actually said he looked like 50cent.

He always jokes about wanting to be a black man.  I guess he is more than he knows it!


How it Went

So last night when I got off work I went straight over to The Studio to talk to the owner.  (For those of you who don’t know I was meeting with a local photographer hoping to get a job in the future.)  He was a really nice guy.  The studio is really big with lots of cool backdrops and props.  He really has a very well thought out place.  We talked for just over an hour.  I gave him my resume and talked about my experience.  He showed me all around the place and introduced me to everyone there.  There are about 4 or so girls that work there full and part time.  I took my lap top so that I could show him my portfolio but we never got around to looking at it.  I started to get frustrated at that but then he offered me a job.  Not a permanent one but still a job!  They are having a special weekend coming up for Easter pictures and he said I could work the whole weekend.  I will be getting a good feel for things and they will see how I do under pressure.  I know I can do great because I catch on fast!  Plus I am ready to burst at the seams where I have been suppressing all that sort of energy. 

So maybe it will be crazy that I work all weekend like that but it will be fun.  And who knows maybe it will lead to a good job close to home!  I would be 10 minuets away rather than 30!  Oh and better than that they are open 10:30-6:30.  No more getting up and running out the door looking like crap!  All in all he said that he liked the energy I put off and the conversation we had and he can tell I would fit right in there.  He said there are no openings now but we will see.  I think basically if I do good enough he will make room for me on his team.  He had said that none of the girls hardly pick up the camera that work there.  They each had a place they worked and didn’t do much more than that one thing.  He talked like they were trying to learn other things and that it was coming along slowly.  I have had experience doing every bit of what they do there (sales, dealing with the lab, working on the computer, photographing, printing proofs…).  He said he has yet to have anyone who could do everything.  I might just be that person I think! 

I am really excited and can’t wait to see how it all turns out!  

*It is actually really soon-March 8 and 9 is the weekend I will be working! 

Meal Ideas

I thought I would post some of the things I have been doing with the ground turkey since Diana asked.

We eat lots of Mexican style food.  So I usually brown it in a skillet then add some Taco Bell seasoning.  They have a new chipotle flavor that is just as good as the original.  Some other items we always keep on hand for a quick Mexican dish are:

black and tri-color beans
whole wheat tortillas
Mexican blend cheese
enchilada sauce
Spicy Ranch from Hidden Valley
Zesty Ranch from Old El Paso
shredded lettuce
whole grain rice

That is about all I can think of right now.  We have made burritos, enchiladas, taco salad, quesadillas, all sorts of different things. 

Another idea is to make turkey burgers.  We have not done this put I am sure we will this summer!  I like making various kinds of stuffed cheese burgers. 

I am sure there are all sorts of other good things you can make but we are on a Mexican kick right now!

you know…

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You know you are obsessed with your dog when you would wear these!  (No I will not be getting any.)

Works for Me

I have not posted anything for WFMW in a few weeks.  So I thought I wouldWfmwsmall
post a little something today. 

We have been trying to eat healthier and start exercising more, so one of the
things I have tried to do is cut out dark meat.  We really like things made with
ground beef so I have been using ground turkey instead.  This has worked great and I actually feel like I am loosing some weight.  That is just an added benefit!  Blake doesn’t mind it either.  Some of you ladies could probably replace it and your husbands never know.  Although I am in no way encouraging you to deceive anyone just trying to state that it tastes that similar. 

Another added bonus is that it is also cheaper!   

Some Ohio Snow

When we went to Ohio Chloe got to see more snow that she ever has.  It freaked her out a little because the snow was covered in a layer of ice.  When you would walk on it, it felt like you would fall right threw.  It just sounded like cracking ice.  After we let her off the leash to run in it she decided she liked it better.  I had trouble getting her to look up in any of the pictures because she was too interested in the snow and ice.




Chloe has been really finicky about her food lately.  We have been giving her the same dry food for a year now.  About the past week or so she has been leaving her morning food in the dish all day then maybe eating it that evening.  So last night I went to the store fully intending to buy her a new kind of food.  What we wanted to get her was rather expensive (we can get it lots cheaper at Sam’s club).  I really wanted to get her the to finish the food we already have at home so I decided to just add some goodies to it.  I cooked some brown rice to mix in and also added a raw egg.  She licked the bowl clean!  She seemed to be really thankful for her yummy meal as I got lots of kisses when she was finished.

We think the protein went to her head too because she ran around like crazy for awhile till she finally was ready to go to sleep.