Vet Day

Blake took Marley to the vet today because we knew he had worms.  We found out that he has a tape worm.  The vet said it is probably about 6ft. long.  They treated him for that so it will just be a little while before he bounces back.  I can’t wait to see him feeling better because he just mopes about.  He should act like a completely different dog when he gets feeling better.  The improvements we will see will be:
weight gain
more energy
his dry skin will go away
his horribly bad breath will get better
his coat will get shinier

We went ahead and got all of his puppy shots done because we were not sure what he has had and has not had.  The vet also said that he wants to see him get his weight up and get a little stronger before we have him neutered.  He said he should be ready in about a month.  We are so relieved that there were no problems worse than this.  I think the only part Marley enjoyed about all of it was taking a ride in Blake’s Jeep.  He loves looking out the windows at home and he seemed to love doing that even more.           


Our Surprise

This weekend we got a little surprise!  Blake got a cute little boy Weim/Lab puppy.  He is 6 months old.  So far Chloe and him are doing really well.  I can’t wait to see them run around the yard together.  He really has taken to us quickly.  We just brought him home late this evening and now a couple hours later we are all just chilling out on the bed!

Marley (aka Buck) and Chloe