For My Sister

I talked to my sister on the phone today.  I had said it didn’t seem like I had gotten much done this week and she said “at least you posted some pictures on your blog”.  So her is another picture for her…and anyone else who cares!

livingafterI have cleaned and organized the living room.  As soon as I complete the wall hangings I am making we will have something on the wall too!

livingbeforeThis is how terrible it was looking.

Now I have to go finish cleaning the rest of the house so I can post more pictures so everyone doesn’t think my house STILL looks like this!


That List

I feel like my life is just one huge “to do” list right now!  We are getting things done.  The bedroom looks amazing.  We got a new mattress over the weekend and the old one is propped against the wall right now, but I will post pictures as soon as it heads to the trash.  It is all clean and ready to be filled with baby stuff!  The dinning room is a usable place now!  We got out chairs and reclaimed the table instead of it being a dumping ground.  I am sleeping better which means a little more energy to get things done.  I do need to get to the chiropractor because my back is hurting the past few days.  I got a bit of laundry done today but mostly just worked on a list of things to do this week.  I went threw each room and made a list of things that need done.  Here is what I am going to be doing:

Kitchen-  organizing the shelves
cleaning off the counters
organizing the corner cabinets
organizing the fridge
organizing the pantry


The shelves which need some TLC!


The pantry is a huge mess.


The fridge has been cleaned but just needs organized.

Living Room –  organize the drawers in the black dresser
finish putting away the laundry
clean off the entertainment unit


Entry Way –  break down cardboard boxes and put out with trash
find homes for a few odds and ends

Bathroom –  clean sink
clean toilet
take out trash
organize bins in closet

All rooms then need vacuumed, mopped and dusted!  (Does anyone else have as much problem as I do keeping a clean floor?)

I figure I should be able to tackle these jobs pretty easily!  I will just do one or two a day depending on how much energy I have that day.  I will post my progress soon!  How are all your “to do” lists coming along?

All Most There

We spent out Saturday cleaning.  Blake was a huge help!  It feels so good to have the house cleaner.  We will have a few more things to do tomorrow but we made a huge dint in it today.  I have gotten so behind trying to get caught up on everything because it was just wearing me out.  Now that we are cleaning the entire house this weekend I should be able to take 1 or 2 jobs each day and keep up with everything.

Here is a run down of what we did and what we still have to do.  It might sound like our house was just a disaster but it was just…well kind of a disaster.

I did 2 loads of dishes and deep cleaned the fridge.  We had so many dirty dishes after a few days with no electric.  I still have to finish washing some pots and pans.
Blake cleaned all the tools and some construction trash out of the bathroom.  Then he took on the huge task of cleaning off the dinning room table.  This has been our dumping ground for a while.  It is so bad because we still don’t have any chairs to sit at the table.  So we just dump everything on it.  He also cleaned out some boxes that were under the table that were just a bunch of things with no home.  Now that we have our closets we have homes for lots of things.

We still have to put away a few loads of laundry, find a place to store our Christmas ornaments (they have just been sitting around since Christmas), pick up a few things in the bedroom, and a few things in the living room.  Those are all pretty small tasks.  The big thing we will do tomorrow is vacuum all the floors, clean the the baseboards and trim, mop and dust the floors, and dust everything else.

Not the best way to spend your weekend but it feels so good to get so much done.  Now I can do some of the small projects each week that need done before the baby.  Like cleaning out the pantry and going through odd drawers and baskets.  Finding appropriate homes for things that have yet to have homes.  We are still getting moved in I guess.  I just hope to be more settled before the baby comes.  I will post pictures of how great everything looks on Monday!

Moving in the Wrong Direction

So this week was just an absolute terrible week!  I did get a slight start to my Spring Cleaning then it just went the other way!  I got trash picked up from around the house and started on some things that could get cleaned out.  I did manage to get 2 big baskets cleaned out and was ready to move on to something else.  Then we lost power for 2 days because of an ice storm and the house got trashed!  We had to drag out some camping supplies to help survive the freeze and also candles and stuff like that.  On top of that the dishwasher was full of dirty dishes when the power went out so everything we used landed on a counter.

I think the only good thing that came from any of it was that I had to pull everything out of the fridge and freezer to keep from loosing it.  I figure since everything is staying nice and cold on the porch in the cooler I should clean the fridge before putting everything back.  Speaking of the freezer, I almost lost the few meals I do have left in it.  I was doing really good about freezing extra meals so we would have them when the baby gets here.  I had a few lazy days recently and had used most of them.  I was feeling really guilty for doing so but now I am glad.  I would have lost them all!  We only had a few meals left and since they are defrosted we will just go ahead and use them.  Now I need to have a big cooking day to get it stocked back up.

Hopefully the rest of the house will recover from the past 2 days without wearing me out too much.  Blake said he will help me get things back in order!  That just might be how we spend our weekend…

Spring Cleaning for Normal People


Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood is hosting some Spring Cleaning.  She is preparing for baby #3 and is actually due just days after Piper is due.  She and her family moved into a new home at the beginning of her pregnancy and she is trying so hard to get things organized before the baby comes.  I feel her pain!  Remember that I have been trying to keep up with Fly Lady to get our house in better order.  I love Fly Lady but she just has lots more energy than I do at this time in my pregnancy.  I will be sticking by her in my own way until I have the energy to have the sort of daily routine she has.

We have so many things to get done before the baby arrives and time is slipping away…quickly!  I am 27 weeks today!  That means we have just 9-13 weeks until we will have Piper here!  I just do not have the energy it will take to get this place together.  Last night I did one load of laundry and loaded the dishwasher and was exhausted.  So I think I can handle what Crystal has in store.  After all she is almost 27 weeks AND has 2 little ones to care for.

Here is the big list of things that Blake and I have decided needs done before the baby.  He will be helping with all these big things!

1. Finish the bathroom-Grout and seal the floor tiles, finish drywall around shower, finish putting up trim, put last coat of paint on everything, lay carpet in closet, put on door knobs, globes on light fixture and outlet coves.

2. Organize Bedroom-This is where Piper will be sleeping for the first few months so we are turning the sitting area into a nursery.  We need to clean out that side of the room and find homes for odd things there.  A few other things for that area would be: replace broken light fixture, install outlet covers and vent covers.  Then we can decorate!

3. Seed and Straw yard-Getting rid of the dirt will help keep the inside of the house so much cleaner!

4. Touch up paint here and there around house-Blake’s brother painted everything for us this past summer but there are a few places that need another coat.

5. Laundry room shelving-The laundry room is one of the rooms that will not get finished completely before the baby but some temporary shelves on the walls will help for some extra storage.

6. Do something with Jeep and vehicle situation-Blake will be selling his Jeep and we will be buying a minivan.

7. Finish up kitchen-Touch up a few spots in the drywall where we moved some wires, fix the last piece of crown molding on the cabinets, install the shelves in the corner cabinets, reorganize the cabinets and pantry.

Keep in mind that we still will have 4 complete rooms that will not be finished until after the baby gets here.  The construction never stops on a new house!

And on top of all of those big things we have to do, I have to get all the little things organized and cleaned up.  So join in with me this week as I work around the house.  I will post some before and afters of all the little things that will help make a big difference.

This week our mission is to toss out trash we find in every room.  And look for things that we can give away or sell that we just don’t use.

I think I should be able to manage this with no problem!  I hope to see everyone join in!  Let me know if you do.

Fly Lady day 1

I started Fly Lady and I am happy to say I will be going to bed with a shiny sink!

Mission: Organization

I have been so stressed out and frustrated with the disorganization and just plan mess our home has been in.  I knew when we moved in before everything was finished this would be an issue.  I think I underestimated how frustrating it would be.

Our biggest problems are:
Lack of space- We have not completed the areas of the house that will help us be most organized.  I am actually going to share with everyone just how bad it is.

closet This is our walk-in closet.  It is big!  7×5 feet to be exact.  Since we don’t have much storage space designed in the house we made a rather large closet that will serve as storage for clothes as well as other items.  The problem is that we have not finished it.  Good news is on the horizon!  We are putting the shelves in tonight and laying carpet one day this week!

In the mean time we have been living out of laundry baskets in the bedroom floor.
bedroom Some of it was just too bad to show!  Here you can see that there area few baskets behind the ironing board that will one day sit nicely on closet shelves.  Also the ironing board and floor serve as a place to do my hair.  We have not moved these sort of things into the bathroom yet because we have not finished that space.

linen Behold the linen closet in the bathroom.  This will one day house bath towels, bedding, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and the like.  Above the water heater we will even have space for things like a tool box, light bulbs, and other items like that.

In the mean time I have a rooling cart full of all our personal grooming items that sits in the dinning room.
bath Our closet will be ready to use this week too so everything is sitting waiting to be put in its home.

It gets worse too!  We have been taking our laundry upstairs to my in-laws house since our laundry room wasn’t finished.  We will be getting a washer and dryer tomorrow and installing it before the room is finished to try to make things easier but this is what it looks like.
laundry As you can see we don’t have any walls yet.  Minor details right!

We have four rooms that look like this.  The laundry room, office, the nursery and a spare room.  The spare room is on the other side of the laundry room.  You may be able to see that it is home to some odds and ends right now.  Mostly things like the trim that has to be put up in some of the rooms still.

office This will one day be our office.  It is now home to tools and items being used to build the house.  Oh and a bike, a few pieces of furniture and some items that need to be put in the shed or attic.

babys-room And the nursery!  Poor baby Piper!  She has such a messy room.  We know she will be born before we can finish this completely so we plan to keep her in our room.  This will make midnight feedings easier anyway.  We have a large sitting area in the bedroom that will serve perfectly for her until this is finished.  This room now houses some odds and ends that we are storing for my in-laws.  Most of this just needs to go in the trash or to Goodwill but must be gone threw first.  The rest is our stuff that will go in the laundry room or the office…someday!

This week many things will get completed that will make life easier.  I am sure you can see why I feel like pulling my hair out trying to keep the house clean!

BUT I want to make sure I have a good plan to get organized.  I am so used to living among the mess that as things get better I am afraid of not knowing how to keep things clean.  I need a daily plan that can help us have good habits.  Also I want to be organized so I know what to do each day so that I don’t get over whelmed.  I have heard so many good things about the Fly Lady so I thought I would turn there!  I am starting with baby steps so that I can create habits of these everyday tasks.  I hope to have a weekly routine to keep the house clean and organized by the time Piper arrives.  It will be hard work but well worth it.

I will keep everyone posted on my progress.  If I don’t mention it please ask!  I need some accountability in this task!