Stocking the Pantry

Now that we are moving into our first house I am trying to stock the pantry as cheaply as I can.  It gets expensive to have to buy everything you need for a kitchen all at once!  So we took a trip to Aldi’s.  This place is great!  The just built one in Lexington and I am so glad to have one close now.  We had them in Ohio and my Mom saved lots of money getting things there.  If you have never been and have one go!  The Aldi brand items are pretty good!  They also carry fresh produce but I can still get that cheaper at the farmers market.

Here is what we got the other day.

There are 23 items and we paid 27 dollars!


I Love Lowe’s

So tonight we were out just looking around at things at Lowe’s.  We were just looking at trim for the house.  We are so excited because as long as all the stars line up this week we will get sheet rock on all the walls.  For those of you who don’t know, we started building our house last year.  As you can imagine it feels like we will never get it done.  So I am getting more and more excited as things are taking place! 

Back to my story… We were shopping around when a sales associate in the curtain area said they were marking down all of the rods laying on the floor.  We are not ready for curtain rods but figured if the sale was good enough we could look.  This is what I found!

   rod1.jpg rod2.jpg

We needed 4.  They had exactly 4 in the color/finish we needed.  They match our light fixtures really well.  We bought them up and saved 88 dollars!  They were 50% off the 26.23!  I love Lowe’s! 

CVS 101

Okay I am not really prepared to teach anyone about CVSing.  But I can easily show you were I learned it and give you a few of my own tips from my experience so far.  With only having made 2 trips so far I am still learning.

So to start an ECB is an Extra Care Buck.  First you must have the store savings card to get the deals.  With that there are certain items that you can get money back on.  They ECBs print at the bottom of your receipt. 

Here is a page from this weeks ad.  Notice the Speed Stick in the lower right hand corner.  You pay 3.99 but get 3.99 in ECB back.  (limit 5)  This is a deal I will take advantage of this week.  My total will be 19.95 plus tax.  I have a CVS coupon for 4 dollars off 20 dollars.  You can find these to print here (this is also where I learned CVSing myself).  Every week Crystal posts all the best deals.  So back to the deal-21.24 after tax + use the 4/20 coupon=17.24 out of pocket(oop).  Then you get 19.95 back ECB on the bottom of your receipt.  You made 2.71 on the purchase!

You will have oop when you first start but after you build up your ECB amount you will use those toward future purchases.  Not all the deals are always really good but I figure how much it would be with out the deal at Wal Mart because that is where I shopped for these things before.  If I am saving money even a little it is a good deal!  I am not trying to get everything for free, just at discount. 

My biggest tip is be organized.  Take a calculator to figure you cost before you get to check out because sometimes you need to pick up fillers (like candy bars or something cheap) to bring your price close to a whole number.  Also have all of your coupons you are using ready.

Sometimes you may end up doing separate transactions to get the best deals; have everything together for each one so that it is easy for the cashier.  The last thing you want is a frustrated cashier because if you plan on going back frequently she will eventually remember you!

Check out Crystal’s tips here for a better explanation of how to CVS.  Also check out Hot Coupon World for CVS tips and many other stores!  (If you join HCW my ID is picchick)

My biggest piece of advice is “Don’t get stingy!”  Lots of people get several cards even though we are only supposed to have one store card.  that way they can get more deals and even make money on lots of things.  I only get things I will use!  Stockpiling is great but I feel like you can get out of control.  Don’t clutter your life with “Stuff” just because it is cheap!

Does this help???  Feel free to ask away if I can’t answer your question I will try to help find the answer somewhere else.

The Saga of the Free Water

So I went to get my water…it was not on sale 10 for 10 like it usually is.  But it was 4 for 5.  I went ahead and got 20 bottles.  I payed 4 dollars for all of them!  Not too bad still!  I will also use the bottle over again for Blake to take to work.  He drinks so much each day! 

I also had a 2 dollar off coupon for a pasta all in one dinner.  It cost 4 after the in store and coupon.  It was a good meal for that price.  Only 10 min to cook too!

Free Water!!!

So I have been reading Crystal’s Blog from Biblical Womanhood and Money Saving Mom diligently and trying so hard to figure out just how she saves on all these coupons.  And she shops at Kroger.  Now I know that they can have some good deals, but she spends only $35 per week on groceries for a family of 4.  If Blake and I could get by that cheap it would be great. 

Well today I did print some of the Propel coupons!  I am really excited about this!  I am going straight to Kroger after work.  They are for .50 off, one coupon per bottle of water, no limit!  Well they are 1.00 a piece at Kroger and they double the coupon so….FREE WATER!  This is such a blessing because Blake drinks lots of water and Gatorade while working.  I am going to surprise him after work with my free water find.  Oh and the coupons are good through December so I will stock up over time!