Still Here

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know I am still here.  I am going through a lot right now and just haven’t had much to write about.  I will be back to writing very soon.  I just ask in the mean time everyone pray for me and Blake.  My back is doing better but still not 100%.  We just had a few other things happen that are too private to speak of here.  So give me a little time and I will be back!  Thank you all for your thoughts and cares!  I have the most wonderful friends here and I can’t wait to be back to all the fun of blogging with everyone!


Feeling better

Sorry I haven’t updated sooner.  I am feeling much better.  I am not feeling great but when you consider how bad I was I am doing better.  I am still out of work for now but will probably go back soon.  I have went with Blake the past few days while he worked so that I didn’t have stay in the bed.  I have been going to the doctor still and have started doing decompression therapy.  I think another week or so and I should feel good. 

Oh and while I am talking about feeling better, Chloe’s nose is doing so much better.  We finally figured out what caused the fungus on her nose.  The day we went to get Marley we took her to a dog park that had a lake near by.  She played in the water and drank out of it.  We just found out that the water there is filled with sewage run off.  We have been baffled over what she had gotten on her nose until we just put 2 and 2 together.  This week I started cleaning it with warm salt water and it has helped so much.  She was starting to loose weight and really worrying us but today she looks great and is playing and romping. 


The view from the window

There is not much I can do from the bed other than to watch the blue sky and green grass.  I would love to be outside working in the yard today!  I walked around the yard this morning after my doctors appointment as my in-laws were sweeping the fresh cut grass off the walkway.  We talked about all the things we would like to see done in the yard this year and I am ready to get busy!  Well as soon as I can walk better I guess…

So today I will just sit and watch out the window and wish I was outside. 

Well what else will I do from my bed that I am quickly begining to hate???  Blake gave me a list of items to price out for the house.  Maybe I can’t get up and do anything but maybe I can help move things along by doing some price checking.  Tomorrow we go pick up our front door we had ordered.  We are putting in a french door to help take advantage of any light coming in we can!

The dogs are being very good today.  I have the window opened so that they can enjoy some of the outdoors too.  They are just laying around with me like they can’t get up either.  I must say they have been very good this weekend and extremly gentle with me.  Well except when Chloe decided to jump on the bed and jump on me yesterday.  I think she was really trying to help me forget my back pain by stepping on my throat.  Really I think she was just confused and freaking out because I had just gotten up to go to the bathroom and on the way back I had a bad muscle spasm and Blake had to drag me back to the bed.  At some point I just started laughing at myself and my situation and I think it scared Chloe.  I was in pain and couldn’t walk but couldn’t help but laugh of what a sight it must have been as he pulled me across the floor. 

With that embarrassment revealed I think I will go crawl under the blankets and take a good nap!    


I am home alone right now.  I am still not moble enough to get up and go to church today, so I am alone because Blake had to go take care of some work he missed yesterday while taking care of me.  I am getting so stir crazy.  I did have more success getting out of bed today.  The muscle spasms are not as intense as they were yesterday.  I was able to get up and get a bowl of cereal by myself today.  As I was walking back to my room I was so afraid I would have a spasm and fall on the floor.  Blake would have come home to me laying in a puddle of milk and Cookie Crisp.  I am using a crutch to help get around, it is helping a lot!  I can’t wait to go back to the doctor in the morning because I know that I will feel even better after another visit. 

Until then I will hang out with the dogs.  Chloe knows I don’t feel well and has hardly left me side.  She even has tried to stay between me and Blake.  She is so sweet and gentle with me right now.  I think I will go cuddle up with her and take a nap! 

Great deals

With all the greens and browns we are putting in the new house I am always looking for great ways to add some bright colors.  We painted the bedroom a dark green.  I really like it but our bedding is solid brown.  I recently was browsing the JCPenny catalog just out of bordom and found a comforter that I really liked.  Of course Blake didn’t like it because it had some pink in it.  In the magazine it looked more pink than I thought it was.  Well long story short we went into a small store here yesterday called Two Sisters and they had the blanket.  The store carries dent and scratch items from JCPenny.  The only thing wrong with the blanket was the bag it come in was all torn up.  Everything was with it that was supposed to be and in brand new condition.  Also the only one they had just happened to be the size we needed.  Blake liked it so much beter in person and I liked the price!  I got it for 44 dollars when it was originally priced at 325.00.

Product Image

It has the exact shad of green that we painted on the walls.  I really am not a big pink person but the pink in this is more like a salmon.  I am so excited that I found this because I just went in the store on a whim.  We found some furniture there also that was in great shape that weare thinking of getting too.  We really need lots of furniture so I am glad we have this store to get great savings!

Nothing to do but blog

Today I was supposed to go help take pictures of a wedding but I threw my back out last night so I will be down for awhile.  I was in the fitting room last night trying on a shirt to wear to the wedding and I bent down and stood back up and…  Now I can barely walk. 

Unfortunatly this is nothing new.  This time last year I was in about the same condition.  It runs in the family, my dad has struggled with back pain as well as others in his family.  I called the chiropractor right away this morning and went in to get an adjustment.  It only took about an hour to get out of bed but I did and I made it into the doctor.  He said he was afraid that I am flirting with a disk problem.  I sure hope it doesn’t get that bad because I don’t want to ever have to have surgery.  My cousin had a disk replaced in her back and she said if she could do it over she would not have the surgery. 

I am so thanful that Blake has been here to help out.  He might be guilty of making me laugh at the wrong times and sending me into a terrible muscle spasm but he has been helping me so much.  He is the most amazing man to me!  He proves his love to me in the ways he cares or me and takes care of me.  You know the complete humiliation you know you will endure with your spouse in your old age?  Well I have gone through that with Blake in only our first year of marriage.  I thank God for him every day!  

I have another doctors appointment first thing Monday morning.  I would say it will probably be a good week before I am feeling that much better but will have to continue going a few times a week for therepy.  In the mean time I guess I will have lots more time to blog than I have been having.  Blake will be watching basketball all day so he set me up a table at the bed to put my computer on.  What a sweetie!   

The Floor

I am so impressed at how the floor looks!  This is our bedroom looking into the sitting area.  All we need to finish this room now is some trim and another coat of paint.


We can’t wait till it is finished!  I think the dogs have liked the floor too.  They love the big window at the end of the room so they can look out of it all the time.