Soon we will be finished with the house, Blake will be finished with school and starting a new job, and I will have lots of time to myself.  I keep wondering what I an going to do to keep myself busy when this all comes to a crashing halt.  It will be so nice to relax a little and find some hobbies. 

A few things that I once enjoyed that I haven’t touched in forever are; scrap booking, painting, photography, cooking, reading, etc.  There are many things that I haven’t done in a long time for one reason or another.  We started working on our house before we were married and now we have been married for a year and a half.   I guess I almost feel like I have forgotten how to entertain myself and relax.

I want to hear what all of my bloggy friends do to entertain themselves via hobbies and such.  Maybe I will take on something new!  Not to mention I will blog more often!  When the time comes I will be redesigning the blog and adding many more things.  Look forward to many new recipes to appear as I will be cooking much more since I will have my very own kitchen for the first time. 

Kathryn- I need your dog cookie recipe because I have my bone shaped cookie cutter all ready for when I get some counter tops!


Almost Finished!

We are weeks away from having the house finished.  I am not blogging much now because of all the work we are doing but will have plenty of time after we get settled in.  Here are a few pictures of the kitchen.  My mom did a great job designing the space for what we needed.  I think they look just beautiful!  We had a great weekend with my parents when they came to help us install them!

The cabinets are a nutmeg stain with a black glaze.  I can’t wait to get cooking in here!  The counters we picked will be in sometime in the next 2 weeks or so.

The dogs are enjoying the yard and all the time the get to play outside.  Chloe found a cabinet box turned on its side to lay in on the porch.  I thought it just looked so funny.  With all the paint drop cloths on it she looks homeless.  I keep trying to tell her that the house will be done soon and she doesn’t have to live in a box.

It is CRAZY here!

Wow, things here have just exploded!  I am cleaning like crazy this week.  Everything that we have been waiting on has decided to all show up ahead of when we thought.  Our shower door wasn’t supposed to be in until next week and we thought the same thing with our cabinets.  We brought the shower door home last night and the cabinets will be here Friday.  This is so exciting!  I was bummed out that we have not made any progress on the house in over a week and thought it would be another week or so until we did.  Now my parents are coming down this weekend to help us install the cabinets. Also my sister, brother-in-law, and their 3 kids will be stopping by for lunch Friday on their way to Tennessee.  This is so so so exciting for me because none of my family have been down here since I moved a year and a half ago.  They are all way over due to see first hand where I live now!

Blake is still doing his ride-alongs this week so that means I have to try to get things ready for company by myself.  He will help me get things cleaned up in the house so we have room to work on the cabinets.  Right now it is such a construction mess!

  This is what it looks like right now.  There are boxes everywhere and tools spread all over. 

I will have lots of great pictures to post next week after the weekend.  Until then I have to get back to cleaning!

I have had it up to here with weeds!


  This is the empty lot next door to us.  From this distance it almost looks peaceful and pretty.  We need to take a closer look!

  Here we are where our yard meets the empty lot.  The lot will probably remain empty because it is a big hole.  It would be hard for anyone to ever build a house here.  That has its pros and cons…trust me.  The owner of the subdivision is supposed to keep all empty lots mowed.  He has yet to mow this so far this year.  So the wind is blowing all of the weeds seeds right into our yard.  It has been a nightmare and I need help.  Just so we really know what we are dealing with lets look even closer!

 This one is about as tall as I am.  I would love to know what I could use as a natural weed killer in my flower beds.  I have been using Roundup but I have to use so much of it.  I really don’t like using chemicals like that but I have never heard of any natural remides that work and won’t hurt my flowers.  Not to mention the cost of buying the Roundup!  So if anyone has any thoughts on this, please don’t hold back!

  Here is an example of how thick they are growing in my plants.  I can only pull so many before I will be right back in bed with a hurting back.  The weed I am fighting the most is Johnson Grass.  I never delt with this in Ohio.  Some of this country living is still so new to me.  Between this and the clay here I might pull my hair out!

Long Week Ahead

Today is Blake’s first day on his ride alongs.  He is going to school to be an EMT and he has to have some on the job training this week.  It is going to be a long week for me!  He will be gone from 8-6 the next 6 days and also has his usual class from 6-10 two nights this week.  Today is a class day so it is a long one.

I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do this week.  I will do a little more packing and cleaning to get us ready for our move.  Our goal is to be moved in by my birthday.  My birthday is 1 month from tomorrow; I think we should have no problem getting finished by then.  I will just be glad when this week is over and we can get back to working on things.  Not to mention how much I will miss Blake this week!

We didn’t really do much of anything this weekend.  We just tried to spend some time together and relax before the long week ahead.  We didn’t do anything for the holiday.  It was a little rainy here so we just went out to eat.  I hope everyone had a great 4th!

Recycled Bench

Blake had this old work bench that we were going to get rid of.  It was really old and really well made but one of the legs was broken off.  He was just going to burn it to get it out of our way but I really wanted to salvage it.  It was so pretty with its dove tail joints and hard wood. 

That was when I got the great idea to cut it in half and put new legs on it.  A little purple stain and now I have the cutest potting bench to go in my potting shed!

My first project is growing fresh herbs from seeds!  I will really enjoy having them to cook with!

I was really excited to be able to recycle the table.  Blake got this from his uncle who got it from a friend who’s father built it about 100 years ago.  The poor guy; I bet he never thought it would get stained purple when hewas building it.