We are having the worst spider problem in the world.  We do live partially under ground so naturally there are spiders.  But we are killing at least one spider each night about the size of a quarter.  Or at least Blake is, I won’t touch them.  Half of our house is still unfinished.  It is just serving as a storage area for my in-laws for now.  A big hiding place all dark and cold perfect for spiders.  Oh my skin is crawling just trying to write this.

So to make this matter worse when we were having our satellite installed the guy doing it told us he saw a bunch of brown recluse around the hole that the wires are in.  We have seen a couple around the house resembling them but are not for sure.  This scares me for when the baby is born.  I would like to rid the spiders the best I can before spring!  We talked about having someone come spray but that is out of the question with me being pregnant.  I was apprehensive about this anyway with the dogs.

So now I just don’t know what to do.  My in-laws will be moving their stuff out of our extra space so we can finish it really soon because it will be the babies room.  So now that it is getting colder all those spiders living in there will come running right into the rest of the house.  Will someone please let me come live with them so I can avoid this problem?!


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  1. There is this stuff that I hear dworks GREAT!!! You can get it at Home Depot! Yall should try it! My friend used it and he said it worked GREAT!!! Plus I’m sure it’s cheaper that having someone doing it for you!!!

    He said there is a TWO step process! You can buy a spray for indoors and then get the outdoor stuff!!! Yall should REALLY check into this!!!! Even if you have to go away while Blake sprays!!!! YOU NEED TO DO THIS!!!! I HATE SPIDERS!!!!! THEY FREAK ME OUT!!!! KILL THEM!!!!

  2. we used Ortho Home defense MAX IT worked great! We even only sprayed the outside perimeter…only cause it got late and then we got busy. But there were NO spiders for like 6 months. It says 12 months, but sice we did not do the inside… I thought that was pretty good. We are going to spray again right before it gets real cold- but all summer, no spiders! I would get Blake to do it outside after the dogs have gone out for the last time. and then inside when you can be out with the dogs for a little while.

  3. We unfortunately live in an area of Memphis that has a lot of brown recluse. I see about 5 or so a year in the house. I got bit one year on Labor Day night but I only had a mild reaction and no scarring. The bad thing is they do not get frozen out in the winter and can stand almost any temperature. The two tips above sound good. I might try one of them. As long as you leave the house all day after it is sprayed, I’m sure it is okay.

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