What To Do When You Can’t Sleep

Or at least this is what I did!

Why not attempt to plan my menu for the entire month of March?!?  For some reason I have decided to make March a month full of trying new things to get more organized.  So for starters, I completed my menu!  It was really easy; easier than doing my weekly for some reason.  Now don’t get too excited over this…come back at the end of the month to see if I actually followed it!

First I sat down with a blank calendar and started filling in things that we have going on.  For example we will be out-of-town one weekend and taking the youth group to a concert another weekend.  Then I filled in our Wednesday’s because we eat dinner at church, Friday’s we always make home-made pizza and we are going to try Sunday’s eating left overs.

Next let me just say that I compiled a list last year (one weekend while I was confined to the bed during my pregnancy) of all the food we like to eat regularly.  So after the first step that left me with 16 days to fill in…not too bad!  Then I just went through my list and plugged things in.  To help spread things out I made Monday’s Mexican themed, Tuesday’s are easy meals and Thursday’s are more gourmet since I feel more like cooking later in the week.

I finished it all up in less than a half an hour…this is really good for me!  This month I only put one new item on the menu.  Since my menu will be hanging of the fridge I plan on writing if we liked the new recipe or not.  Then at the end of each month I will put the menu in my 3 ring binder that sits nicely with my cookbooks.  So when I sit down to plan future months it should go really fast as I can refer to past menus!  At least that is my plan!

Oh one additional thought…as I sit and look over my menu I am seeing some ways that I can prepare ahead.  Like I have 3 meals that require taco meat.  Since I buy my meat in bulk I can easily cook enough taco meat for the whole month the first day I have to make it.  Then I can just divide it into 3 portions and freeze the ones for future meals.

Come back Monday and I will post me final menu…just in case I change anything this weekend!


New Beginnings

I miss blogging!  As any of you mothers know, my life was turned upside down this year when we had our first child.  Blogging was NOT on the top of my list each day and I am sure you can understand why.  Now that things are getting settled and we are implementing a good schedule and routine I am missing everyone here!

I am thinking of starting a new blog and leaving this one behind.  I just feel that starting fresh would be nice.  And I would like to refine my content so that it isn’t just so random.  I need to know what my readers would like to see.  (Those few loyal ones that are left!)  So comments would be appreciated.

I do have a few things planned in the next few days.  One of which is detailed photos and video of an overhaul on my kitchen.  I organized the entire thing!  So stay tuned for that!

Getting Some Much Needed Exercise

Piper is now 9 months…where has the time gone?!?!  Oh and she is keeping me busy!