2 Months

Piper is now 2 months old!  How crazy!  Time is flying by.  She is growing so big and changing so much!  Her 2 month checkup was postponed so I am not too sure what she weighs now.  She is so happy and so cute I just can’t get over it!  She laughs and smiles all the time.  She has started reaching out and touching her toys.  She is happiest early in the mornings and late at night.  I didn’t know that you could be a morning and night person!  She is still sleeping all night long!  She now sleeps for about 8 or 9 hours at night.  She doesn’t nap well through the day unless I hold her.  She doesn’t like to be put dow much and recently doesn’t tolerate anyone except mom.  She loves taking baths and loves music.  She looks a lot like her daddy.

Here are some pics of my sweet girl!



When I take the time to load some videos I will post those too!


Christmas Pictures

We had a great time in Ohio!  I love seeing everyone, especially the kids!  They are all growing so fast!  Here is a picture of the grand kids my parents have so far.  The 3 oldest belong to my older sister Jenny and the 2 youngest belong to my younger sister Chelsea.


I thought that they all looked so cute in their red and black!

On Christmas Eve my siblings, their spouses, and their kids all get together at my parents house.  We have a gift exchange, go to the Christmas Eve service at church and make personal pizzas for dinner.  It is always so much fun!  Since my parents have so many kids our family is huge.  There are 6 of us and 4 of us are married and having kids.  All together there are 17 of us with 2 on the way.  As you can tell it can be a tight squeeze!


We have lots of fun though!

And how can I forget these 2 grand-dogs!  Here is Chloe and my brother’s puppy Tyson.


It took some patience to get them to sit like this!  But how cute are they!

Oh and one great experience at Christmas was seeing my niece Isabel laugh.  She had apparently just started laughing the night before and I was able to capture a picture of her.  She is 2 months old now.  Spending time with her just makes me even more anxious to see and hold Piper!


The BIG Day!

We have been anticipating today for so long now! Finally we know who this little baby is that is starting to kick me all the time!
Here you can see the baby’s face, a fist and belly.

Here is were we can sorta see that…it’s a GIRL!!!!!!

Of course with girls they never guarantee that is what you will have but it really looked pretty good! Blake wanted a girl very much and I didn’t really feel either way! We are so excited! Also we have chosen a name. Piper Grace Craig

Now we can start picking out some sweat little girl stuff!


Congratulations to my sister Chelsea and her husband Nate!  She gave birth to Isabel at 10:38 am Thursday.  Isabel weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and was about 21 inches long!  Her labor went pretty fast; only having got to the hospital 2 hours before. 

I was so glad to get to be in Ohio to see the baby!  I will have lots of pictures to post when I get home Saturday or Sunday.  It all depends on when the paint fumes exit from my home.  Blake says that the house is looking fantastic too.  I will post pictures of that as well!

Babies, Babies and more Babies

Okay so maybe this week really just involves 2 babies, and no I am not saying I am having twins.  My little sister Chelsea is due this week with her second baby.  They are expecting a girl.  It was fun being pregnant at the same time as her for a few months!  My other sister took a picture of us together when I was in Ohio but I don’t have a copy yet. (hint hint Jen!)

I am really hoping that my sister will not go into labor until after Tuesday!  We are finally going to be painting all the final coats in the living room, dinning room, and kitchen.  This means a whole week of painting and fumes that I can’t be around.  So Blake is shipping me off to Ohio.  I am so excited because I really wanted to be there when my sis has her baby!  Now I have a good chance!  Her due date is the 18th but she has already started to have some small contractions!

I am not looking forward to the 3 hour drive by myself.  I am taking Chloe to keep me company but she can’t keep me from getting worn out.  I haven’t even unpacked completely from our last trip and now I have to pack again.  It is easier just packing for myself though!  I am really bummed out that Blake is staying behind.  I hate going without him!

And the other baby comes in this week when I have my first Midwife appointment on Tuesday.  I am really excited to see what all she is going to do.  I really don’t know exactly what to expect.  I will post a little something to let everyone know how it goes!  I will be heading out Tuesday after the appointment so please pray for my trip.

Oh and when I get home I will finally be able to post some pictures of this place looking more like a home.  I will finally get to decorate!!!!!

In the Dark

I talked to sister earlier today and she informed me that they lost power from Ike.  They live in the Dayton, Ohio area.  They had 75mph winds and lost lots of trees in the neighborhood as well as power.  They have been without since Sunday afternoon.  They also are without water because they have a well.  My grandma and aunt and uncle live in the same area so they are without power too.  Luckily my family has lots of other family within a couple miles that do have power.  They say it may be the end of the week before they get any power back.

My sister and her husband have 3 little kids and they of course think it is all fun and games.  They tried to tell the kids that they had to use the water in the pipes very sparingly so they couldn’t wash their hands, brush their teeth, or flush the toilet.  Then my brother-in-law laughed and said “Just keep doing things they way you already do.”  They are young kids that are trying to make good habits; this might throw them off course for awhile. 

At least they are able to laugh at the situation for now, I am sure their patience will wear as the week goes on.  Luckily the weather is cooling so they can stay cool too.  They didn’t get any damage to their house and neither did anyone else I know.  What a blessing!

A Big Surprise

Today we found out something just wonderful!


I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone!