Fur Everywhere!

I hate this time of year!  Chloe starts shedding her winter coat and all the fur just drives me nuts!  She really doesn’t shed that much through most of the year.  I am thankfull for that!  About a week ago my allergies just started going crazy.  I was sleeping with a roll of toilet paper in the bed so that I wouldn’t have to get up and blow my nose.  I started noticing that fur was just flying off of Chloe when I would touch her.  Today I finally decided that I was done with the piles of fur all over the floor and flying around my nose.

For those of you wondering I did not shave her!  I was tempted to do so when we had Marley, he shed really bad.  It was the Lab in him!  I did however put Chloe in the shower and give her a good scrub.  Then I used the FurBuster on her.   After seeing the FURminator on t.v. I really wanted one for Marley.  They are very expensive, 50.00 at Petsmart to be exact!  I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that much.  I didn’t give up the search for something similar though.  I found the FurBuster at Walmart for only 20.00!  It is the same thing.  For those who don’t know, it is a de-shedding brush that has a razor built in it.  It removes all the loose fur and undercoat that the dog is depositing all over your house.  You can really see it work.  Chloe’s undercoat is a different color than her normal silvery coat.  It is darker and thicker.  You can see that it removes that part of her coat and leaves her looking all shinny.  It works just as well as what you see on the infomercials!

When we bought this over the summer Chloe was not shedding.  I tried it on her anyway but I didn’t get anything off of her.  It did work great on Marley though.  Today I think I removed enough loose fur on her to make another dog.  She seemed like she felt really good afterwards.  She ran all over the house like a crazy!  After she dried I was petting her and noticed still a bit of loose fur on her.  I couldn’t find the hard bristle brush I usually use to groom her but did find a good replacement.  You know the attachment on your vacuum that has hard bristles on it.  Well if you are like me you never use it.  Chloe actually let me use it on her with the hose attached to suck up the hair that was loose!  I was amazed because she is terrified of the vacuum!  I guess it felt good to her!

Now my house is a bit less fur covered!  I will probably have to wash and brush her again before the shedding season is over.  Hopefully this will help keep the house cleaner and my nose and eyes feeling better!  I am sure with the season that I am not the only one who has had enough of the shedding dogs.  Check out Walmart to save some money on a FurBuster!  You will be glad you did!


Our Birthday Boy

Marley’s 1st birthday is this month.  We don’t know the acctual day so since we brought him home on March 2nd we made it the 2nd.  I can’t believe how big he has gotten since we got him.









Here he is the night we brought him home.  He was so skinny.
(6 months old)







Here he is today showing off his Birthday Smile!



















I made this image for Blake, he likes this dingy film look.

Happy Birthday Marley!

Only my dogs!

I can’t believe how stupid our dogs are!  First off they are the biggest spoiled brats ever!  This morning it was raining just a little when Blake let then out.  Apparently they think they will melt in the rain because they both pooped right on the porch.  I am so mad at them!  I want to tie them up out in the rain.  I guess I should start learning to discipline better before we have this kid!  I mean are all dogs this dumb sometimes or is this a Weim thing?!?  I guess I will get out my rain boots and jacket and have to start taking them out on a leash when the weather is bad.  Grrr….

What a SHOCK!

We went Sunday to PetSmart and got the dogs an invisable fence.  It took a little while to get it set up (just a few hours).  It is the wireless instant type of fence not the buried kind.  We finally have it set up so that they can’t get in the front yard or the driveway.

We knew that Chloe would take the shock so much better than Marley, we were right.  He freaked the first time he got shocked.  We didn’t even set it very high because we knew it wouldn’t take much for him.  He cried like such a baby.  He has always over exaggerated any sort of discipline we give him.  He started acting too scared to even leave the porch so we set it on level one.  On this level it just gives them a warning beep and no shock.  It has worked really good. 

Chloe on the other hand is set on level 4 out of six.  She still runs right through it if she really wants to.  She listens really well but also likes to chase birds and cats.  I don’t think it will be very long before we can set her on level one too.

We worked outside building a shed the past two days and never had to worry about where the dogs were at.  It was really nice because they could run and play when we would have usually left them on the deck.  I would highly recommend this system to anyone who has considered it.  If we tried to build a fence it would have cost a fortune and taken forever.  Plus this way we can enjoy our tree filled view rather than a fence!      

you know…

Click for larger view

You know you are obsessed with your dog when you would wear these!  (No I will not be getting any.)


Chloe has been really finicky about her food lately.  We have been giving her the same dry food for a year now.  About the past week or so she has been leaving her morning food in the dish all day then maybe eating it that evening.  So last night I went to the store fully intending to buy her a new kind of food.  What we wanted to get her was rather expensive (we can get it lots cheaper at Sam’s club).  I really wanted to get her the to finish the food we already have at home so I decided to just add some goodies to it.  I cooked some brown rice to mix in and also added a raw egg.  She licked the bowl clean!  She seemed to be really thankful for her yummy meal as I got lots of kisses when she was finished.

We think the protein went to her head too because she ran around like crazy for awhile till she finally was ready to go to sleep. 

Keeping Dog’s Ears Clean


Trying to keep up with Chloe can be very hard.  Especially when it comes to her ears.  With her big long ears she is prone to infection.  If you have a lab or any other dog with lop ears you will have the same problem as they do not always receive adequate ventilation to keep the ear canals dry. This dark, moist environment creates the perfect conditions for bacteria to multiply. I find Chloe shaking her head and scratching her ears all the time.  With regular ear maintenance we can prevent ear infections.

So a good tip that the vet gave me when she was just a pup was to keep cotton balls soaking all the time.  I just take a plastic container with a lid and fill it with ear cleaning solution.  You can buy this or to save some money make your own.  I always make my own and it works great. 

Use equal parts: 1 part vinegar, 1 part hydrogen peroxided, and 1 part water.  Then just fill the container with cotton balls and put the lid on it.  I keep this under the bathroom sink.  Then whenever Chloe needs her ears cleaned I have it ready.

 For those who are not sure how to clean their pets ears with out hurting them, just take the wet cotton ball and place it right at the base of the ear.  Then gently message the outsides of the ears where you placed the cotton ball.  This will help the solutions to get down in the ear and your dog with enjoy the ear rub.  When you remove the cotton ball just wipe any dirt debre out that was loosened.  Your dog will shake its head to get anything else out.