Babies, Babies and more Babies

Okay so maybe this week really just involves 2 babies, and no I am not saying I am having twins.  My little sister Chelsea is due this week with her second baby.  They are expecting a girl.  It was fun being pregnant at the same time as her for a few months!  My other sister took a picture of us together when I was in Ohio but I don’t have a copy yet. (hint hint Jen!)

I am really hoping that my sister will not go into labor until after Tuesday!  We are finally going to be painting all the final coats in the living room, dinning room, and kitchen.  This means a whole week of painting and fumes that I can’t be around.  So Blake is shipping me off to Ohio.  I am so excited because I really wanted to be there when my sis has her baby!  Now I have a good chance!  Her due date is the 18th but she has already started to have some small contractions!

I am not looking forward to the 3 hour drive by myself.  I am taking Chloe to keep me company but she can’t keep me from getting worn out.  I haven’t even unpacked completely from our last trip and now I have to pack again.  It is easier just packing for myself though!  I am really bummed out that Blake is staying behind.  I hate going without him!

And the other baby comes in this week when I have my first Midwife appointment on Tuesday.  I am really excited to see what all she is going to do.  I really don’t know exactly what to expect.  I will post a little something to let everyone know how it goes!  I will be heading out Tuesday after the appointment so please pray for my trip.

Oh and when I get home I will finally be able to post some pictures of this place looking more like a home.  I will finally get to decorate!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. Decorating is so much fun!! 🙂

    Have a safe drive.

  2. I hope you have a safe trip!!!! Keep us posted on your sisters baby and I can’t wait to hear how your first Midwife appointment!!!!!!

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