36 weeks

Now with just a month or less I am getting eager!  I am really hoping to go early.  Only because the past week has taken a toll on my back!  She dropped last Tuesday when I was having some contractions and now she must be putting lots of pressure on my spine.


If you compare this week to 4 weeks ago you can see the difference!

I am not really ready for her but I am ready to get her out!  I still would like to get so many things done.  This past week was terrible.  With my back hurting I couldn’t do any of the things on my list.  I am trying to be careful because of the bad history I have had with it!  The last thing I need is throwing it out now!  I have just been staying in bed the past 5 days.  Very boring I might add.  Blake helped me out this weekend by cleaning some things up.  I did go through all the baby shower gifts and now just have to do laundry and put things away.  The only other thing that has to be finished before we have her is getting together the items on the birth list.  I have gathered most of the items on our home birth list and just have to get a few more items.  I will share the list in the next few days!


Please Give



If you are friends with me on Facebook, you know I am currently taking up donations for a good cause.  I don’t want Erin’s loyal readers to miss out on this awesome opportunity to bless a small child.

“With the new baby, I will be at home a lot. So I am taking up donations for MLS DIRECT KICK. I can watch over a 100 soccer games. Won’t you give…my brotha?”

I will accept PayPal, check, money order…whatever is most convinient for you.

Please hurry, because Erin will probably delete this as soon as she figures it out.



35 weeks

Last night was so terrible.  I started having contractions around 3 or 4 pm yesterday.  This was the first time that I felt them in my back.  They were coming often but not getting any stronger and would go away when I moved.  As long as I stayed off my feet they weren’t too terrible.  But they continued all evening.  I was starting to get worried and thought I should just try to go to sleep.  I felt better when I laid down.  I only had one contraction after I laid down and it was very painful.  Now today I haven’t had any but my back hurts so bad from the contractions last night.  I am having trouble walking.  Stiffness just made its way into my muscles and hasn’t left.  Oh how I have feared back problems through this pregnancy.

I guess I will try getting into the chiropractor tomorrow.  This baby needs to hold out for at least a couple more weeks.  And my body does too.  I have so much I still need to do.  I know if all else fails my mother-in-law will help me finish getting things in order around the house but I hate to have to ask.  Before all that I was feeling really good.  Oh I will be glad when this is all over!  If only I could relax then…ha!!!  Is there any relief in sight?

Let’s Try This Again

Last year we tried growing grass.  It took off really quickly and was looking good but then the dry season hit us and it all died.  We just got it started too late in the year.  So now we are trying it again!  The yard stays shaded for half of the day so it stays pretty moist.  We seeded it last night and put straw on it.  I am hoping the straw will help cut down on the dirt and dust we are getting in the house.  Someday maybe I can finally keep my floors clean!  Hopefully we can get some nice pretty grass this year!  I can’t wait to see Piper crawling around in it one day!  Let’s just hope it works this time!

For My Sister

I talked to my sister on the phone today.  I had said it didn’t seem like I had gotten much done this week and she said “at least you posted some pictures on your blog”.  So her is another picture for her…and anyone else who cares!

livingafterI have cleaned and organized the living room.  As soon as I complete the wall hangings I am making we will have something on the wall too!

livingbeforeThis is how terrible it was looking.

Now I have to go finish cleaning the rest of the house so I can post more pictures so everyone doesn’t think my house STILL looks like this!

Some Big Changes

We have been getting lots done and I at the request of some here are some picture updates.

We now have a walkway which is a big deal!  No more walking through the mud.  I can’t wait until this summer when we can landscape around it and help it look better!


The back side of house.  The upstairs is my in-laws home our front door is hiding behind the deck area.  We are going to put up lattice to close in the under neath of the deck.  I will get some plants around it to help soften the look of all of it too.

walkway2From our door.  We are going to plant grass again now that it is waring up.  This part of the walkway will also have some different stones on the gravel, that is just a foundation.  The big area under the deck will be closed in and I think I will grow a climbing plant on it.

walkway3Walking up the walkway isn’t bad at all.  There are only a total of 14 or so steps.

walkway4There will also be a railing on the left side all the way around it.

It is working out really well.

Grocery Shopping

I went into our local Kroger today for some shopping. I was really excited when I noticed that along with the stores remodel they expanded the health food section to 3 large isles!  I decided to stroll down it and see what they offered.  To my surprise I found lots of the fresh items marked down on managers special.  I guess not many people in our town eat very healthy.  I found organic milk for about 2 dollars a gallon, organic eggs for 1.50, organic chicken and lots of snacks marked down.

I had not tried organic milk before but really liked the taste!  I am hoping that I can continue to find it marked down like this in the future!  Sadly the people in the area we live in do not eat very well or think organic food is a necessary thing so I figure it will be marked down often.  I am thankful for the stores remodel and expanding this section because the closest health food store is 45 minutes from us!  I think I will go back and stock on on more if they still have things marked down.