Our Birthday Boy

Marley’s 1st birthday is this month.  We don’t know the acctual day so since we brought him home on March 2nd we made it the 2nd.  I can’t believe how big he has gotten since we got him.









Here he is the night we brought him home.  He was so skinny.
(6 months old)







Here he is today showing off his Birthday Smile!



















I made this image for Blake, he likes this dingy film look.

Happy Birthday Marley!


Only my dogs!

I can’t believe how stupid our dogs are!  First off they are the biggest spoiled brats ever!  This morning it was raining just a little when Blake let then out.  Apparently they think they will melt in the rain because they both pooped right on the porch.  I am so mad at them!  I want to tie them up out in the rain.  I guess I should start learning to discipline better before we have this kid!  I mean are all dogs this dumb sometimes or is this a Weim thing?!?  I guess I will get out my rain boots and jacket and have to start taking them out on a leash when the weather is bad.  Grrr….

Ohio Trip

We are leaving Friday to go to Ohio.  (One of these days maybe we will take a trip somewhere else.)  I am really looking forward to our trip!  We haven’t been up there for about a month or so.  This time we are going for my brother’s high school graduation.  I can’t believe he is graduating.  I remember when he was born, I was 8 years old.  He is graduating on Saturday and his open house is Sunday. 

  Congratulations Jerry!

We decided that we would leave the dogs behind this trip.  We have never left them before.  Blake’s parents are going to take care of them.  I just hope they behave.  I love when taking them and my family always loves seeing them but our last trip was horrible.  It was Marley’s first time going and by the time we got home we needed a vacation…from the dogs.  They were pretty good most of the trip until the last day.  We stayed our last night at my aunt’s house and she was showing us a quilt she had made and Marley peed on it.  That was just the beginning.  Right before we left we were packing the car and Chloe ate my parents dinner.  My mom was just getting ready to put a dish of enchiladas in the over and Chloe decided to eat half the pan.  My mom thought it was funny but I was so embarrassed.  Then we stopped by my grandmothers house to get some plants she was giving us.  It started pouring down rain and so we quickly loaded everything up.  We had the dogs harnessed in the 2nd row of seats so they wouldn’t get into anything.  We were saying goodbye quickly but it was just enough time for Marley to get a hold of one of the pots.  It was such a mess and he seemed happy with his self the whole 3 hours home.   

What a SHOCK!

We went Sunday to PetSmart and got the dogs an invisable fence.  It took a little while to get it set up (just a few hours).  It is the wireless instant type of fence not the buried kind.  We finally have it set up so that they can’t get in the front yard or the driveway.

We knew that Chloe would take the shock so much better than Marley, we were right.  He freaked the first time he got shocked.  We didn’t even set it very high because we knew it wouldn’t take much for him.  He cried like such a baby.  He has always over exaggerated any sort of discipline we give him.  He started acting too scared to even leave the porch so we set it on level one.  On this level it just gives them a warning beep and no shock.  It has worked really good. 

Chloe on the other hand is set on level 4 out of six.  She still runs right through it if she really wants to.  She listens really well but also likes to chase birds and cats.  I don’t think it will be very long before we can set her on level one too.

We worked outside building a shed the past two days and never had to worry about where the dogs were at.  It was really nice because they could run and play when we would have usually left them on the deck.  I would highly recommend this system to anyone who has considered it.  If we tried to build a fence it would have cost a fortune and taken forever.  Plus this way we can enjoy our tree filled view rather than a fence!      

Crime Scene

*Caution-Contains Graphic Images*

Weather: Clear and warm, approx  78F
Arrived on scene at 1505
Responding to scene: Deputy L. Kuhn, Deputy D. Lyon
Location and Description:South end of Hallway, small hallway, tan walls with white trim, four separate doors with attic entry north of crime scene
Witnesses:No eyewitness known.


Victim 1:
Chloe “Wildflower” Craig dob 1/24/07 (approx 15 months old) 25 inches tall, 45 lbs found in south end corner disoriented, staring at the east wall.  Appearance of heavily bleeding wound inflicted to the middle, bottom of ear.  Blood stains under head and neck area indicate profuse bleeding, red to brown and color.  Wounds appear to be result of blunt force and biting.  Victim appears to have been bitten and then thrown into west wall.  Victim appears to have been repeatedly forced into wall, blood spatter patterns appear approx 39 inches up on west wall.

Victim was found wearing pink color, with silver dog bones.  Slightly crusty nose and mud on paws.  Area surrounding victim along with water dish and food bowls appear to have been disrupted.  Brown fur found in victims claws are evidence that victim did attempt to defend herself upon assault.  Also evidence suggest that a white organic chew bone may be the cause for the assault. 


Suspect: Marley aka street name “BUCK” dob 9/15/07 (approx 7 1/2 months old) 23 inches tall, 37 lbs found in north end of hallway chewing upon victims bone.  Suspect did not seem to show any concern for victim.  Upon examination, suspect sustained no injuries.  Suspect was found wearing silver chain also known as “bling”  Evidence shows that suspect may have close ties with local gang members and affiliates. 

Suspect Marley aka BUCK was apprehended at approx 1508 and taken into custody. 

Marley aka Buck recently posted bond and awaiting trial.  If found guilty, may lose dog park privledges and bone rights for 3 months.