Clean House

Blake had a little time off over the weekend for the holiday so we celebrated by cleaning the house!  We cleaned the living room and the office area.  The office area was just set up in the entry area of the house.  With the open floor plan of the house we were getting tired of the clutter of the desk always being there so we moved the desk into our bedroom.  It fit nicely in the large sitting area that we have also been using as Piper’s space until she moves out of our room.

Monday we cleaned the kitchen and yesterday I cleaned the dinning room.  Also they came to fix our dishwasher (yay)!  Now there are just a few small things that need finished and our house will finally be all clean!  It feels so good to have the house in order since it has been such a mess since Piper was born.  I am also caught up on the laundry!  Joy Joy!!!!

On top of all that I feel really good because I started working out.  25 more pounds of baby weight left.  Not bad since I gained 50!  We have been eating really healthy too.  A few of my favorite things I have added into my diet are:

Clif bars -have not found a bad flavor yet.
Green Smoothies -I just used whatever fruit I had on hand and added spinach.
Arnold Select Multigrain Sandwich Thins -Found in the bread isle at your local grocery.  Don’t be fooled by the dry look; they are very soft and tasty!

Nothing fancy really just a balanced diet of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean white meats.  I have not been able to eat dairy very well because Piper gets really gassy when I do.  I miss my yogurt and cottage cheese!  Oh well at least she can handle enough that I still can have some cheese and milk here and there.

Lots of great things going on here!  Oh and we just joined a new church on Sunday.  After Piper was born we decided to find a church closer to home.  We were driving 40 minutes each way and have cut it down to 20 each way.  It is a smaller congregation but the people have been great!  They truly love the Lord and I look forward to serving with them!


2 Months

Piper is now 2 months old!  How crazy!  Time is flying by.  She is growing so big and changing so much!  Her 2 month checkup was postponed so I am not too sure what she weighs now.  She is so happy and so cute I just can’t get over it!  She laughs and smiles all the time.  She has started reaching out and touching her toys.  She is happiest early in the mornings and late at night.  I didn’t know that you could be a morning and night person!  She is still sleeping all night long!  She now sleeps for about 8 or 9 hours at night.  She doesn’t nap well through the day unless I hold her.  She doesn’t like to be put dow much and recently doesn’t tolerate anyone except mom.  She loves taking baths and loves music.  She looks a lot like her daddy.

Here are some pics of my sweet girl!



When I take the time to load some videos I will post those too!