Fur Everywhere!

I hate this time of year!  Chloe starts shedding her winter coat and all the fur just drives me nuts!  She really doesn’t shed that much through most of the year.  I am thankfull for that!  About a week ago my allergies just started going crazy.  I was sleeping with a roll of toilet paper in the bed so that I wouldn’t have to get up and blow my nose.  I started noticing that fur was just flying off of Chloe when I would touch her.  Today I finally decided that I was done with the piles of fur all over the floor and flying around my nose.

For those of you wondering I did not shave her!  I was tempted to do so when we had Marley, he shed really bad.  It was the Lab in him!  I did however put Chloe in the shower and give her a good scrub.  Then I used the FurBuster on her.   After seeing the FURminator on t.v. I really wanted one for Marley.  They are very expensive, 50.00 at Petsmart to be exact!  I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that much.  I didn’t give up the search for something similar though.  I found the FurBuster at Walmart for only 20.00!  It is the same thing.  For those who don’t know, it is a de-shedding brush that has a razor built in it.  It removes all the loose fur and undercoat that the dog is depositing all over your house.  You can really see it work.  Chloe’s undercoat is a different color than her normal silvery coat.  It is darker and thicker.  You can see that it removes that part of her coat and leaves her looking all shinny.  It works just as well as what you see on the infomercials!

When we bought this over the summer Chloe was not shedding.  I tried it on her anyway but I didn’t get anything off of her.  It did work great on Marley though.  Today I think I removed enough loose fur on her to make another dog.  She seemed like she felt really good afterwards.  She ran all over the house like a crazy!  After she dried I was petting her and noticed still a bit of loose fur on her.  I couldn’t find the hard bristle brush I usually use to groom her but did find a good replacement.  You know the attachment on your vacuum that has hard bristles on it.  Well if you are like me you never use it.  Chloe actually let me use it on her with the hose attached to suck up the hair that was loose!  I was amazed because she is terrified of the vacuum!  I guess it felt good to her!

Now my house is a bit less fur covered!  I will probably have to wash and brush her again before the shedding season is over.  Hopefully this will help keep the house cleaner and my nose and eyes feeling better!  I am sure with the season that I am not the only one who has had enough of the shedding dogs.  Check out Walmart to save some money on a FurBuster!  You will be glad you did!


New friends and new toys.

Saturday was Chloe’s 2nd birthday!  To celebrate her day we took her to the dog park so she could run and play.  We were finally able to meet up with a fellow blogger and Weimie owner.  Diana found my blog last year when they were getting ready to get a puppy.  Diesel just turned a year old a few weeks ago but he makes Chloe look tiny.  The 2 of them got along really well and just seemed to have a great time playing.  And of course we had a great time talking to Diana and her husband John.

Go by her blog and say hi and see her handsome boy, Diesel.

After the dog park we took Chloe to PetSmart and got her a new toy.  I have heard really good things about these toys from other Weim owners.
bad_cuzThe Bad Cuz! They hold up really well and keep the dogs attention for a good amount of time.

Chloe has managed to tear up some of the feet but other than that it is holding up very well.  And the greatest part is that she is sleeping at 7:30 in the evening.  I have never seen a toy wear her out like this one without us being worn out to.  Now this toy does have a terrible squeak but we have learned to block it out already!

Her is a clip of Chloe enjoying her Birthday toy!


Chloe cracks me up!  Last night was like many nights we have.  Blake goes to bed before I do because he is up so much earlier.  Sometimes Chloe will go with him but last night she stayed with me.  She made it clear that she didn’t want to stay with me though.  She kept going to the bedroom door and whining then running back to me and poking me with her nose.  So finally I let her in the room.  I really didn’t want her on the bed but I let her snuggle with him anyway!  She has to be under the blankets to be happy, she is so funny.

When I was ready for bed I came in and like a meany kicked her out of the bed.  She likes to snunngle so close that I just can’t handle it while I am pregnant.  She gets such an attitude over this that I almost laugh out load!  She will walk from my side to Blake’s side trying to get back on the bed.  I tell her to go lay down and she quickly runs to her bed and starts kicking it around.  She will huff and puff and throw herself down really loudly.  Then she starts groaning and moaning like it is just sooooo terrible to have to lay on this big nice bed she has.

She will get up and go through this routine a few times before she will finally give up.  I just wonder if she has more attitude than most Weims or if they all typically have this?

This is not the only way she gives attitude.  She also does it when she wants water.  She will just go up to her empty dish and smack it really hard.  Then she comes and gives us a really dirty look.  Of course I refuse to give her what she wants when she is so demanding.  Then she will get mad and go lay down and groan.  She is so vocal about what she wants.  She doesn’t bark for hardly anything.  Her noises are more like a bratty teenage girl!

After we get a video camera I hope to get her acting like this!  It is just so funny.

Do you have a Weim?  If so do they give attitude like this?

My 2 Girls

Chloe loves to snuggle on my ever growing belly.  She noses around and sniffs it like she knows there is something there!  Finally she will just settle down and lay her head right where Piper is at.  Then Piper starts kicking so hard that I can see Chloe’s head moving up and down.  But she just lays there so peacefully.  It is so sweet!  I had Blake take some pictures of her on my belly because I thought it was just so cute!



What a big round belly at 24.5 weeks!

I love my girls!

Judy Judy Judy

I submitted Chloe’s records to the Weimaraner Pedigree.  It was really fun to see how many generations I could trace her back.  On her father’s side her great great grandpa was from Germany. 

Here is a picture of him.  (Sorry I can’t make it bigger.)

It was also funny to see what her ancestors names where. 
For example her great great great great great great great grandma on her father’s side is named Judy Judy Judy.   

Ohio Trip

We are leaving Friday to go to Ohio.  (One of these days maybe we will take a trip somewhere else.)  I am really looking forward to our trip!  We haven’t been up there for about a month or so.  This time we are going for my brother’s high school graduation.  I can’t believe he is graduating.  I remember when he was born, I was 8 years old.  He is graduating on Saturday and his open house is Sunday. 

  Congratulations Jerry!

We decided that we would leave the dogs behind this trip.  We have never left them before.  Blake’s parents are going to take care of them.  I just hope they behave.  I love when taking them and my family always loves seeing them but our last trip was horrible.  It was Marley’s first time going and by the time we got home we needed a vacation…from the dogs.  They were pretty good most of the trip until the last day.  We stayed our last night at my aunt’s house and she was showing us a quilt she had made and Marley peed on it.  That was just the beginning.  Right before we left we were packing the car and Chloe ate my parents dinner.  My mom was just getting ready to put a dish of enchiladas in the over and Chloe decided to eat half the pan.  My mom thought it was funny but I was so embarrassed.  Then we stopped by my grandmothers house to get some plants she was giving us.  It started pouring down rain and so we quickly loaded everything up.  We had the dogs harnessed in the 2nd row of seats so they wouldn’t get into anything.  We were saying goodbye quickly but it was just enough time for Marley to get a hold of one of the pots.  It was such a mess and he seemed happy with his self the whole 3 hours home.   

What a SHOCK!

We went Sunday to PetSmart and got the dogs an invisable fence.  It took a little while to get it set up (just a few hours).  It is the wireless instant type of fence not the buried kind.  We finally have it set up so that they can’t get in the front yard or the driveway.

We knew that Chloe would take the shock so much better than Marley, we were right.  He freaked the first time he got shocked.  We didn’t even set it very high because we knew it wouldn’t take much for him.  He cried like such a baby.  He has always over exaggerated any sort of discipline we give him.  He started acting too scared to even leave the porch so we set it on level one.  On this level it just gives them a warning beep and no shock.  It has worked really good. 

Chloe on the other hand is set on level 4 out of six.  She still runs right through it if she really wants to.  She listens really well but also likes to chase birds and cats.  I don’t think it will be very long before we can set her on level one too.

We worked outside building a shed the past two days and never had to worry about where the dogs were at.  It was really nice because they could run and play when we would have usually left them on the deck.  I would highly recommend this system to anyone who has considered it.  If we tried to build a fence it would have cost a fortune and taken forever.  Plus this way we can enjoy our tree filled view rather than a fence!