Thanksgiving Meme

Joy @ Joy of desserts tagged me in this fun meme.  I loved reading her answers and I will love reading yours.  I am tagging:

Jeannie @ musings from left field
Diana @ planted by the waters
Britni @ talent to play

There are only two easy rules:
1. Post these rules when you participate in this meme.
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1. Which do you like better: hosting Thanksgiving at your home, or going elsewhere?
I have never had a chance to host Thanksgiving.  I do think I would have fun doing it but all of my family is in Ohio so we travel.  Which I am looking forward to because we could use a little get away to relax.

2. Do you buy a fresh or frozen turkey? Organic? Free-range?
I believe my family usually gets a frozen free-range.  If it were me I would try to get an organic, mostly to support local farming (of course I like the obvious health reason too).

3. Do you make stuffing or dressing? What kind?
Hmm neither!  I don’t even really know the difference.  But I don’t like that sort of stuff.

4. Sweet potato pie or Pumpkin pie?
Pumpkin!  It has to be my moms too!

5. Are leftovers a blessing or a curse?
I love leftovers.  Our big family can split them up and it isn’t so bad.  I look forward to bringing some home especially this year being pregnant and hungry all the time!  I am also going to make some goodies out of leftover turkey this year.

6. What side dishes are a must-have in your family?
Lets see: corn pudding, grandma’s chicken and noodles, green bean casserole,  moms sweet potato casserole (topped with nuts not marshmallows), broccoli casserole…  too much stuff to list!  I am hungry now!

7. What do you wish you had that might make Thanksgiving easier?
Living closer to my family.  It is only 3 hours but it seems to take forever sometimes!

8. If/when you go to someone else’s house for the holiday, do you usually bring a dish? If so, what is it?
I don’t take anything.  I help my mom make whatever she is making since we have to travel.  Actually last year I did make no bake cookies.  This year…nothing.

9. What do you wish one of your guests would bring to your house?
I would just like to host something at our house sometime.  We have only had a place for a short time so I am sure the day will come.

10. What do you wish one of your guests would NOT bring to your house?
haha this is just a funny question!

11. Do you stick with a particular menu from year to year, or do you mix it up?
My family makes the same things every year!  Except dessert…we get creative each year in that area.

12. Is Thanksgiving a religious or secular holiday in your home?
For Blake and I it is religious (biting my tongue because I hate that word).  Also for most of our family…but unfortunately some of our family do not have faith in Christ and are all about the food.  But we enjoy being together each year and some of us see it as an opportunity to share our faith with family!

13. Share one Thanksgiving tradition.
We really don’t have any traditions for Thanksgiving.

14. Share one Thanksgiving memory.
Oh so many good ones but nothing that stands out too much.  I just love getting together with my family and this year we will have everyone together for the first time in years.  There are 37 people (4 generations) plus boyfriends and girlfriends.  We play games and just have so much fun being together!

15. Name five things you’re thankful for.

  1. My family
  2. Our baby on the way
  3. Jesus Christ giving his life so that I (and you) can have eternal life!
  4. My mother-in-law starting to recover from her recent stroke and surgery just in time for the holidays!
  5. Having our home almost finished, Blake’s new job and many other blessings!

If you would like; feel free to join in the fun!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Picture Updates

Okay I have been promising some pictures of my hair cut.  I went threw with it…I chopped my hair off!  I haven’t had it this short in about 6 or so years.  I really like it.  I needed something more up to date.  I didn’t take the photo with me that I had posted so I just tried to describe it to the girl.  I think it looks close enough!


Also here are a few pictures of how big my belly is getting.  I am 18 weeks now.  Just two more weeks before we find out the sex of the baby!



Free Money

Yes…I will take free money!

I started using as a search engine.  Why would I leave the beloved Google???  Well because rewards your searching with money!  You accumulate “bucks” while you search and can trade them in for gift cards.  They offer cards for all the good places we go to regularly.  You don’t have to give away any of your personal information or pay anything.  I have been using it for just a few days now and have 10 bucks.  Also you can get bucks for referrals.  When your friends sign up and earn bucks you do too.  So go sign up, start using it, and post it on your blog too!

Just a Bit Excited

I love the holidays!  I am so excited that it is that time of year.  We will be going to Ohio for Thanksgiving and then having Thanksgiving here the following Sunday.  This is the first year in a very long time that the whole family will be together on my mom’s side!  I have 3 cousins that live in Florida and they will be there.  I haven’t seen them in years!  Blake hasn’t even met them so I am just excited!  (Have I said I am excited????)

Also I look forward to seeing my new little niece!  She is a month old now and I can’t wait to see how she has changed!  Let’s see I am also excited to see my brother’s little puppy.  We love dogs here and the last time I was there he was tiny; only 8 weeks old.  Chloe was scared of him because she is scared of little dogs.  I bet he is big now, he is a boxer!  Marley hasn’t met him yet so that should be interesting!

I also look forward to seeing my family because I haven’t gotten to share much of my pregnancy with them yet.  I just started feeling the baby kick last night and I can’t wait to share that with everyone!  Oh I am also really excited for all the yummy food!  It is extra fun this year since I am pregnant because I get to eat for two!  I will have some good pictures to post when we get back!  Then we can all start talking about Christmas goodies.  We will be getting our first tree this year!  I haven’t bought any ornaments yet but need to do that!  We haven’t decided for sure what color to do on the tree.  It is such hard decisions!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Freezer Prep

6a00d83451c5ac69e200e55296ac148834-800wiThe past few days I have been trying really hard to get ahead on some cooking.  Now that we are settled into the house and I have a deep freezer it is time to fill it up!  I made some Poor Man’s Steak for dinner yesterday and made double so that I could put one meal in the freezer.  I also got a good deal on bananas the other day so I sliced them up and put them in the freezer.  Today I am making meat balls and meat loaf to put in the freezer.  I also have a whole chicken in the crock pot since last night.  I am using it for dinner and then putting the rest in the freezer.  I haven’t completely figured out what I am going to make with it for dinner.  Probably just something quick and easy.

It feels great to be getting some meals in the freezer.  I really hope to have lots of meals stocked up so that way dinner will be on hand after I have the baby.  We don’t have much in the way of family living close to help out with things like that.  I know that I will be too tired to cook much so I figure planning ahead will be the best way to continue to care for my family after things get turned upside down.  I wish I would have been able to plan ahead for my first trimester because poor Blake had to fend for himself since I was so sick.

What do you think?

My hair is growing at about the same rate as my belly.  It is driving me crazy because I am just starting to feel really frumpy.  I have been wanting and trying to grow my hair really long for a long time.  I always end up having to cut it because it hits a length that just starts getting really tangled.  It has been beyond that length for a while now.  I have to sit and get tangles out of it every morning.  I am ready for something different!  I have looked through some pictures for ideas and I found this one that I like.

sandra-bullock-2006-mtv-movie-awards-arrivals-c3fiyl Blake helped me pick it out.  Actually I told him about what I want and he looked on the internet for me so I guess he found it.  It looks simalar to my style now just shorter.  I haven’t had my hair this short in 7 years or so.  I would like to get it cut before Thanksgiving.  Let me know what y’all think!  I will post pics after I get it cut!

Quick Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend!  Friday night we played cards and had pizza with a few couples from church.  It was so much fun and gave us a chance to get to know people a little more.  Our new friends are quickly becoming very much like family!

Sunday after church we had some grocery shopping to do.  We recently got a membership to Sam’s Club.  We got a great deal on it because we split the cost with my in-laws.  We have found some great deals since joining.  Of course you have to watch prices but we will save enough to pay off the price of the membership just with dog food.  Yesterday I picked up a huge bag (12lbs.) of baking soda.  I go through this stuff like crazy because I use it for cleaning.  I also got a big thing of Cascade for the dish washer.  As far as grocery’s we got 2 whole chickens, 5lbs. of ground turkey, salad mix, bananas, and a fresh veggie mix.

After that we went to a few other stores and looked around then went into Kohl’s and found some great deals on clothes.  I have not bought much in the way of maternity clothes yet and the bigger I get the more I need them!  I got a pair of black dress pants, a purple sweater, and a grey long sleeve t-shirt.  Blake got a few sweaters for work too.

375110_plum 3751141

I think these will make a great Christmas outfit.

We had a great weekend and found some great deals!  The weekend went by way too fast.  This week we will be working on trying to finally finish the bathroom.  It is getting too cold to walk upstairs for showers.  hopefully I will have some god pictures to post by the end of the week.