I Won!

I never ever ever win anything!   Until today!

I won Bloggy Giveaways Glam Baby!

I was so excited when I just got the email!  I have wanted to find a cute bag to use as a diaper bag and now I have won one!  Here is my favorite one:

Check out Glam Baby for all the great bags!



Oh how I have longed to win a giveaway!  I have blogged for what will soon be a year and never won anything.  Now with a baby on the way I have found a couple of giveaways which I would love to have to stock up on things like diapers!

Newlyweds is giving away a $25 dollar gift card to CVS.  Go visit her before the end of the month to sign up for this great givaway!

And The Winner Is…

I know everyone has been on pins and needles just waiting…

…and waiting…

…and waiting…

…and still you are waiting.  I guess this is the part where I have to tell everyone who won.  Well here it is…drum roll please…..

And now my random number picker…Blake has picked lucky number 7.

Kathryn at 4urpets!  I can’t thank everyone enough for coming and joining in the fun!  I had an overwhelming response.  It will take forever to actually try to visit everyone’s sites, but I will!

Oh yeah and as far as the surprise; well Kathryn will find out soon.  After she gets the box in the mail hopefully she will take a picture and post it for everyone to see.  I want it to be a surprise until the end.

2 More Days

Remember everyone there are just 2 more days left before the contest is over.  So you better get your name in the hat!  I hope everyone is having a great Friday!  As for me…I think I may leave work early to go home and snuggle up with my sick husband.  We are both now feeling very sick.  What a yucky day!  At least it is Friday and I can relax!

Bloggy Giveways Carnival

Carnival_buttonSo as all of you know yesterday was the start of the holiday we all look forward to!  Okay so maybe it is just a holiday to all of us crazy bloggy bloggers!  Anyway, I have been so excited to participate in this!  I have been anticipating this for so long and raking my brain over what I should give away.  Well drum-roll please….

It is a surprise!  I am the worst at surprises!  I always let the cat out of the bag and ruin the surprise!  Well this time I will not spoil it.  You will all just have to wait and see what the winner will get.

So how do you win?  Well first I must say sorry this is only offered to US residents only.  (I just can’t afford to send anywhere else.)  Also have until Saturday night to enter.  I will then pick one random winner. 

Just leave a comment telling me what you would like to win.  Remember that what I will giveaway is already picked out and will not be swayed by your comments.  If you don’t have a blog leave me appropriate email info so I can get notify the winner.

Oh yeah and don’t forget to check out all the other giveaways

*This givaway is now over.  I will post the winner Sunday night.

Okay So It Is A Little Late…

Fallyall  Head over to Shannon’s page for a massive giveaway!  Yes I have entered just about every one of these contests this week.  Okay so my job can get really boring.  Most of these will be ending by the end of this week so you better hurry.  I know, I know I should have let all of you know before…

Sorry, I just wanted all the prizes for myself!

But you can check out her site every day of the week for a different giveaway of her own.  I love her site!

Enter to Win

 Crystal is giving away 10 copies of the book Passionate Housewives: Desperate for God.  

 This looks like a very interesting book.  I think it is very important that all women whether you are a housewife or not need to place their daily focus on God.  I know from being a newlywed that keeping a house can be a challenge and keeping God the focus of your house is even more.  We all know the pitfalls just waiting to take up all of our time; laundry, dishes, dinner, etc.  These are always there to suck up our time and energy. 

Thank you Crystal for making this book available to us in this drawing!

Contest Closed