Birth Story Part 2

You can find part one of this story here.

Well now that Piper is 5 months old, maybe I can bring myself to write this.  For the first few months I couldn’t bring myself to write this part because I didn’t want to relive it.  My baby is perfect and healthy and I hate that we had to go through this!  I am finding that I am more at peace with this.  I sometimes wonder how everything would have been if she would have just came out breathing and we would have been at home, comfortable and enjoying our little girl in those hours!  BUT we didn’t, we had to go to the hospital and this is the story…

The ambulance ride to the hospital was very quick! We live close anyway so I think we were there in about 5 minutes or so. Piper screamed the whole way. I never thought I would be so happy to hear her cry. Blake followed behind in the car and the whole time I could see him out the back windows. I was feeling so terrible for him because he couldn’t be with us. As soon as we pulled into the hospital they whisked Piper off of my chest and out of my sight. Blake had to go to admitting and get the paper work started before he could be with me.

The doctor and nurse first started trying to get the IV running and after a few minutes of it not working decided to just take it out all together. Then they gave me a shot of Pitocin. Blake came in around this time as did his mother. The OBGYN who was there was one I had seen last year for a problem I was having. He is the only doctor in town right now and he is terrible. He has the worst manners I have ever seen. Last year he made very inappropriate jokes while examining me. They were bad enough that I could have filed some sort of compliant against him. Blake was even there when he said it. So I was not happy to see him at this time! He immediately began with the questions of why in the world would I plan to have a home birth. He then went on to tell me how bad of a condition Piper was in and how we put her life at risk. Can you believe it…here we are just going through all of this and he has the nerve to lecture us about his opinion!

Shortly after the pediatrician treating Piper came in and asked a few questions. At that point the 2 doctors begin to gang up on us and tell us that all of this could have been prevented if we had come to the hospital for the birth. I still am wondering how he planned on preventing her cord to knot while she was in the womb! The doctor went on to tell us that she was covered in macomium and it looked like she had been in it for a while. I told them that her heart rate was being monitored the whole time and never was there a sign that she was stressed. So then they tried to say that she must have been in the womb too long. Of course I was not going to try to argue God’s sovereignty at the time and try to convince them that she came at the time He saw fit. However I did inform them that my due date was just the day before. They of course wanted to believe that the due date was wrong.

Things got so bad with the first doctor that Blake had to tell him to keep his opinions to himself. That didn’t stop him though. He went on to examine me and asked if I tore during the delivery. I told him that I didn’t. He poked and prodded anyway. He then tried to say that it looked like I had a very small tear that might need 1 stitch. I said if it only needed 1 than I would rather not have any. He immediately said “Oh no, this bleeding is not going to stop…you need 3 stitches.” What a jerk! I knew he was just trying to be mean to me at that point. All it came down to is that he was upset because I choose a home birth and he didn’t agree with my decision. Of course he is out of business when women choose home births. He went on and gave me stitches, oh and he didn’t even wait for the numbing to begin before he started. He was very rough!

Before he was finished he decided that he should lecture us one more time about how we almost killed our daughter. Give me a break! We took every precaution possible and there was nothing we could have done to prevent what happened. Blake’s brother had a son that had a knot and he was born in a hospital…did they prevent that…No!

Finally the doctor left and the pediatrician came back to tell us that they were going to do an x-ray of Piper’s lungs to see if there was fluid in them. They were afraid that she sucked the maconium into her lungs and would get an infection. Other than that she was doing great. He said they had to put her on an IV and that they would have to bottle feed her that night. I told him that I did not want her to have a bottle because I was going to breastfeed her. He tried to tell me that she would need the fluids and they would not let me feed her. I asked why she would need it if she was on an IV. He never really responded to me.

He left then and a nurse came to ask me tons of questions. She was telling me how scared they all were when we came in. I guess they were ready to receive a baby not breathing. After the questions she helped me into the bathroom to get cleaned up. After that she moved us down the hall into another room.

We were the only patients on the floor so our 2 bed room was empty. I was thankful! I would have been miserable sharing a room with a stranger and Blake was able to sleep on the extra bed. Blake and his mom went to try to find the nursery to see if they would let them see Piper. I guess they got to see her through the window. We were told that it would be a while before we could see her and they would come and get me as soon as I could feed her. We were both so tired so we tried to get some rest. That was the worst night ever! I just wanted to see my baby girl. I was afraid I would have trouble bonding with her and getting her to breastfeed well because of this time apart. I could not sleep!

A few hours later it was early morning. I guess 6am or so. The nurse came in and told me that they were ready for me to try to feed her. We went down to the nursery and I finally got to hold her. She had so many cords attached to her it was terrible. All I wanted was to bring her into this world peacefully and hear she was being poked with everything.  I finally got to hold her and feed her.  The nurse in the nursery was wonderful and helpful.  She was patient with me while I tried to figure out what we were doing.  Piper took to me right away!  I was so happy!  But I didn’t completely feel like she was mine, I had to ask permission to do this or that with her because of all the monitors hooked to her.  I tried to get Blake to hold her but he said he didn’t want to until she had everything off of her.  He was afraid he would hurt her or pull something loose.  It was very awkward trying to hold her and feed her with the IV!  The nurse explained that she was improving greatly since she had come in but she had not urinated.  They were getting really worried over that.

We stayed with her for a bit and then decided to go back to the room.  We were both still so tired.  We had not slept before so we ate some breakfast and tried to nap.  About the time that I finally started to fall asleep the doctors came in.  My doctor decided I needed some blood work done and came in to do that and lecture me some more.  I was so tired of him telling us how he thought we were irresponsible and tried to kill our daughter.  He then tried to push me to have her vaccinated for everything even though I had told him I didn’t want her to have any right now.  He upset me so much I hardly remember everything he said to us.  Blake finally had to say something to him again because he was really being a bully to me.  He talked down to me far more than he did Blake.

Next Piper’s doctor came in.  This time he was very nice to us.  He said that her lungs had a little fluid in them when she came in but they were just fine now.  He said everything was just fine with her except that she had not urinated.  He informed us that he was going to have an ultrasound done so that he could make sure she had a bladder and that her kidneys were ok.

Our next visitor was a girl who worked for Social Services.  We were being investigated over having a home birth!  She was very nice but explained to us that the hospital did not thing that we were legally in our rights to have a home birth in the state of Kentucky.  I told her that I did all of my homework and knew the laws regarding that.  She said that she just didn’t know because she was new to her job and that she worked in a chiropractor’s office before.  Then I recognized her, she worked in my chiropractor’s office.  I told her that I had been seen by him through out my pregnancy.  She said she thought she had recognized me too.  We asked her what Social Services would do over our case and she said that if they felt the need to pursue it more they would probably want to do a home visit.  I have nothing to hide…but I still did not want them “checking up” on us!  I was so angry!  But at the same time I knew that we had done nothing wrong and that they would have to dismiss our case.  She said that the hospital was also afraid that our insurance would not cover the hospital stay because of the home birth.  I told her that I had already checked with them just in case and they said they would.  She told us that she would get back with us later that day before she left.

That put a damper on the rest of our day!  We not only could not enjoy our baby girl but now had that hanging over our heads!  Thankfully the next visitor was Piper!  The nurse brought her in and said that all of her organs looked just fine!  Now we just had to kep waiting for her to pee.  They had taken everything off of her except the IV.  I feed her again and she ate good!  The nurse said that since she was eating so well she was going to call the doctor to see if he would take her off the IV.

We kept her in our room for a while.  It was nice to have her to ourselves for once!  The nurse came back after a bit to take Piper back to the nursery.  When she brought her back they had taken her off of the IV but left the line in just in case she didn’t pee.  Blake had to run home to get some things so I had some time with her by myself.  It was nice but I really didn’t want him to leave!  He was really worried about her and why she wasn’t urinating.  There was still a peace about me that didn’t worry.

Leading up to giving birth I was really scared.  I sought God in prayer so much and about 2 weeks before I had her I had a great peace that I just knew everything would be fine.  God was in control and I was happy to let Him be!  My baby girl was in His hands and I knew that she was safe there!  But while Blake was gone I prayed over Piper.  I asked God to let her pee so that Blake would not be scared or worried about her anymore.

Just about 30 minutes later the doctor came to check on her.  He was getting ready to leave for the day and wanted to see if she had peed yet so that they could remove the IV altogether.  He said that the nurse had been reporting great things about her all day.  He checked her diaper and sure enough…she peed!!!  He said he had no other worries about her now and we would be fine to go home as soon as we could!  Our insurance required 2 days.  I was so hoping it would only require one because I wanted to get home so bad!

The nurse took Piper and removed the IV.  From that point on we were free to keep her in the room unless we wanted the nursery to take her.  She was eating wonderfully and I didn’t need their help for anything.  I kept her in my room that night.  I didn’t sleep really good because the bed was terribly uncomfortable and I was hurting where I had the stitches.  Piper slept most of the night.

The next day waited to her from Social Services.  We heard nothing all day.  My doctor came in briefly just because he had to for his daily rounds.  He thankfully kept his mouth shut!   We had a few visitors that day but for the most part it was quiet.  The nurses didn’t bother us much because I would always tell them that we didn’t need anything.  They were all very nice to us!  I kept Piper in the room again that night.  There came a point were I got very frustrated because I couldn’t get her to stop crying.  All she wanted was to be held but I was too tired to hold her.  I thought about sending her to the nursery so I could sleep but quickly told myself to get used to it now!  Eventually I got a bit of sleep.

Finally it was our release day!  We just had to wait for the doctors to come by and then do some paper work.  Everything went pretty quick and we were ready to go.  Blake asked the girl from Social Services to come and let us know what was going on because we had never heard anymore about our case.  She said that everything was fine.  She said that we didn’t do anything against the law so they were dropping the case.  She said that she also called the chiropractor to ask him about me and he was happy to hear that we were doing well!  Finally Blake could relax!  He had been on edge the whole time because of everything.

We got out of there around noon that day.  When we got home it was just weird.  A good weird but weird.  I had never been so happy to be home!  I think we sat on the couch looking at Piper and wondering what we were going to do next!

I am so happy to be able to put that behind me!  It really effected me in a weird way.  Since I had not gotten to have that time with Piper right after she was born I had an empty space.  It kind of left a hole in my heart.  I tried to watch a birth story on tv shortly after having her and I found that I couldn’t watch the mother holding her baby after the birth.  Even though she was fine I was really upset over having been robbed that time with her.  I didn’t view her birth as a pleasant experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my labor!  I loved the home birth and my midwife!  I would not change any of that!!!  I just hated not getting to hold Piper and feel that joy that I should have gotten to feel!  I didn’t get to see that look on Blake’s face the first time he held her.  Even now…5 months later, I feel empty there.  I can’t write these things still without crying.  This is why I have not wanted to finish this story!  But this is our story, I have to accept it.  I am just thankful that I had no problems bonding with Piper after not being with her the first 6 or so hours after she was born.  She has been a wonderful baby and a joy!  Thank you all for reading her story!


Birth Story part 1

I realize that over month has passed…but we have been busy around here.  I have been slowly working on this post, typing here and there when Piper lets me put her down.  We don’t get much of that!  Let’s hope I was able to remember everything now!

Monday (April 27th) I was feeling pretty good.  It was Piper’s due date and I was a little bummed out that I was not even feeling like she would come anytime soon.  Blake came home from work and we started doing our normal evening activities.  It was really nice outside so we decided that burgers on the grill sounded good for dinner.  We went outside and sat for a bit talking about some of the things we would like to do in the yard.  I was feeling a little weird but just figured I was hungry.  At the point we went to Blake’s parent’s house.  His mom was fixing some soup beans so I thought I would eat some.  They didn’t seem to help.  I was feeling like I had menstrual cramps and like I had to go to the bathroom.  I realized that I was having some contractions so I told Blake that I was going to walk back home and start timing them.

6pm- I sat at the computer so I could use contraction to help me time the contractions.  The first ones were 2 minutes apart.  That really freaked me out!  I just kept thinking there was no way that I was feeling them right because they just came out of no where.  I knew that I had to time them for at least a half an hour or more before I could call my midwife (Sarah) so I just kept trying to stay calm.  The next few contractions started timing consistently at 4 minutes apart and 1 minute long.  I still felt like I needed to time them for a little longer before I called my midwife but Blake was getting impatient with me and said if I didn’t call her he would.  Poor Blake started getting very impatient and stressed out.  He went ahead and grilled the burgers in case I wanted something to eat and of course he needed to eat.  I tried eating a burger but couldn’t get past the smell.  I was thankful I had ate the soup beans for the energy I would need!

7pm- I finally got a call from the midwife and she said to keep timing them over the next hour and call if they got to 3 minutes apart or call in an hour.  Over the next half an hour I decided this baby was coming that night and I really needed and wanted a shower.  We told the midwife to go ahead and come over and I got in the shower.  Blake cleaned up the kitchen and did some laundry.  He had the house feeling so clean and cozy by the time I got out of the shower.  He had a candle burning and the lights turned down.  Blake decided he wanted a shower before the midwife came too so I went into the bedroom to try to get comfortable.  I absolutely could not find a comfortable position anywhere until I tried the kitchen counter.  The height of it was just right to lean on and sway my hips.  I kept feeling the intense feeling of needing to use the bathroom so I started going in there and sitting.  I found the toilet to be very comfortable so I stayed there for awhile.

8pm- Sarah arrived and I was still in the bathroom.  She came in so she could listen to the baby’s heart rate and see how I was feeling.  The heart rate sounded great and we talked a bit but I don’t remember what about.  She asked if I wanted her to check to see how far along I was.  She checked and I was about 4 centimeters.  I was already in the point of not wanting anyone to talk to me or touch me during contractions.  I felt bad because I kept hushing Blake and shooing him out of the room.  He learned really quickly what he could do and was just great.  All I needed was his reassurance between contractions and most of all just his presence there.

The times from this point on just became a blur.  I labored sitting on the toilet for a bit and then would move back to the kitchen counter.  Sarah suggested I use my TENS unit on my back at some point for some relief.  This did help relax the muscles where I was having some back labor.  I caught a glimpse of the clock around midnight and remember thinking that the time was going pretty fast.  Sarah continued to monitor the baby’s heart rate throughout my labor.  This was hard for me because in order to get in a position that would allow her to hear the baby I would get very uncomfortable.  My contractions seemed to fall right on top of each other and were very intense.   I was getting really tired and having trouble finding any position that was comfortable.

I was beginning to have very intense uncontrolled urges to push.  This started to scare me because I didn’t think I should be that far along yet.  Sarah told me to push as long as it felt okay but if it hurt I should stop.  I couldn’t really tell if it felt better or not but I felt like I couldn’t do anything other than push.  I sat in the bathroom threw a few pushes before deciding I had to change positions.  I was starting to have so much pressure in my bottom that I had to move.

My legs were starting to hurt and I decided that I had to lay down and get some rest or there was no way I could finish.  From this point everything really became a blur.  Blake says it was a big blur to him too!  I had trouble getting comfortable when I laid down but I was just so terribly tired!  All I could think about was how bad I wanted to go to sleep.  I had to tell myself to stop thinking that way or I would not make it.  I laid on my side and the contractions just became more intense.  With every one I had uncontrollable pushing.  I was starting to feel panicked because I was feeling like I had lost all control over my body.  I was not sure what to do.  Blake continued to sit by my side and tell me how great I was doing and how proud of me he was.  He kept reminding me that we were getting ready to see our little girl that we had been waiting so long for.  After I laid on the bed Sarah checked me again and I was 9 centimeters.  I felt some relief that we were almost done but scared because I didn’t know what to expect with the rest.

Before I knew it my water was breaking.  At first I wasn’t sure because it was just a little trickle.  I told Sarah that I thought it had so she gave me a piece of paper that turns blue when it touches amniotic fluid.  It was blue!  I had some very painful contractions after this and had to push with each one.  I could feel more water coming out each time.  This was the most painful point in the whole labor.  I guess this was the transition period.

After this I started to relax.  In between each contraction I could just lay there and get a little rest.  It was nice!  At one point Blake even thought I had fallen asleep.  I was just in a really deep relaxed state.  It was nice.  I was actually wishing I could fall asleep…but then I had another contraction.  The contractions were coming a little farther apart now but they were intense.  I was feeling the baby moving down and beginning to crown.

At some point in all of this Sarah called another midwife named Karen that was going to help.  She seemed to get there just in time for the big event.  Sarah tried to get me to get up into a more comfortable position but I was so tired I didn’t care anymore.  I was afraid to move because I was afraid it would cause more pain.  I should have tried getting up on my hands and knees because I think it would have felt better in the long run.  Thankfully we have a very comfortable and soft bed.  I think my back would have hurt worse if it wasn’t for that.  By the time the baby was coming though I was just ready to get her out and have some relief!

I think I pushed for about an hour.  This part was actually not as bad as I had ever imagined it.  I would even say that the most painful part was the contractions leading up to my water breaking.  During the pushing it burned like crazy!  I was able to stay controlled and push slow even though mentally I just wanted to give a big push and get her out.  I didn’t want to tear so I knew I had to go slow!  The funny thing through this time was that I went from screaming and heavy grunting to saying “ouch” like a little girl.  I guess the baby would move and go back in a little and it would hurt but it was such a different hurt that I would just say “ouch” in a small voice.  I think everyone was laughing at me a little over that.

As she started crown more the midwives asked if I wanted to see in the mirror.  I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t see but they held up a mirror for Blake.  He was holding my hands, or maybe I should say I was trying to break his fingers.  Whenever I would push I would squeeze his hands and I knew that it was hurting him but didn’t care at that moment…sorry Blake!  I think the pushing could have been easier, if I would have gotten up in a different position.  I was having gravity working against me and she kept moving back in after I would push.

Finally I heard “we see some eyes, and ears a nose”…and her head was out!  What a great feeling!  Next came her shoulders and Blake freaked and said he couldn’t watch anymore after that.  He said the head was no big deal but the shoulders were too much.  I think the weirdest feeling was the rest of her body!  I couldn’t believe that long baby was inside of me!  The first thing that Sarah said was how big she was.

Blake grabbed the video camera, because he had not recorded anything up to this point and wanted to capture some of the moment.  He quickly put it down as Piper didn’t start crying right away.  They laid her on my chest and were trying to encourage her to breath.  She was taking little shallow breaths but hadn’t started crying.  She was slowly turning pink so she was getting some oxygen but of course we were waiting for the cry.  Sarah was using a bag mask to help encourage her to breath but they decided there was no time to waste and called 911.  Blake couldn’t see her as close as I could so he didn’t see her taking little breaths.  It was such a scary moment.  He started praying over her as Sarah kept working on getting her to breath.  Karen went outside to meet the ambulance and they were there very quickly.  We live maybe 5 or so minutes from the fire station.

By the time they arrived she was breathing better and crying!  We decided that they should go ahead and take her to the hospital to make sure everything was okay and I went as well to be with her.  They gave her an Apgar score of 10 so obviously she was doing just fine.  When they cut the cord the midwife realized that there was a true knot in her cord hence why she was having problems breathing.

We got to the hospital which I will make another post about.  It was a long story from that point.  The doctors were terrible!

Piper was born at 1:55 am on Tuesday April 28th.  She weighed 8lbs. 13oz. and was 22.25 inches long.  I loved having the home birth, even though we did have a little scare!  Of course when you plan a home birth you know that things could arise that would cause you to have to transport to the hospital.  Of course you never think it will ever really happen.  I would have another home birth again, it was so much easier on me that it would have been at a hospital.  My tail bone hurt a little afterward but I didn’t tear.  I healed up very quickly.  I am so thankful for a great midwife!  Of course Sarah had never experienced a baby that wasn’t breathing well but she did a great job getting her to breath and stayed calm the whole time.

Stay tuned for part 2, our adventure at the hospital.

You can now find Part 2 here.

39 Weeks

Wow!  On one hand I can’t believe the end is here on the other I feel like I have been pregnant forever!  I find myself having mixed feelings as the end draws near.  I am so excited to see Piper and hold her I can’t stand it.  But I will miss some aspects of being pregnant!  There is nothing like feeling a baby growing inside of you.  Very weird sometimes but so very neat too!  I will not miss the pain and discomfort of carrying all this weight!  I can’t wait to sleep on my stomach again, these hips need a break!

But the end is here!  Any day now we will have a little baby in our home.  We will be parents to something more than a dog.  I was feeling great yesterday and had lots of energy.  I met with the midwife and the baby has dropped back down low.  Everything else is going well just waiting for the baby to decide she is ready.  I think she is going to be big!  I hope not too big!  Last night I started having some contractions and lots of back pain.  I slept horrible all night but finally got comfortable this morning and slept for a few hours.  I am having a few contractions this afternoon as well but nothing that seems to be turning into much.  I am just trying to take it easy by bouncing on the birth ball and waiting.  I think I am going to clean the bedroom so that we are ready for the home birth when the time comes.  It just needs vacuumed and dusted more than anything.  We got the rest of the house clean over the weekend.

From the beginning I had said that I wanted to have her on Earth Day.  I just thought it would be fun.  Well Earth Day is tomorrow!  We will see how that turns out.  Otherwise I know I have someone wanting me to have her Saturday because it is her birthday!  Hopefully I will have her soon and will have some pictures to show everyone!

38 Weeks

We finally have the internet up and running again!  We are still waiting for the baby so no one missed anything!

I have been feeling pretty good.  Just tired and a bit out of breath.  I have been sleeping terrible, I can’t wait until I can sleep on my stomach again!  Or just roll over for that matter!  I am really hoping to have this baby soon!  She has been really low for the past few weeks and I have started to dilate and my cervix is pretty thin as of 2 weeks ago.  The midwife usually doesn’t do an internal exam but needed to a few weeks ago to make sure the baby wasn’t breech.  I really haven’t been having many contractions that I can tell at least.  I will notice my stomach getting rock hard but not really having any pain or discomfort with it.

I have my next midwife appointment tomorrow and can’t wait!  Sarah will be bringing with her the midwife who will help her during the birth.  I really look forward to meeting her!  The only thing really left to do before we have the baby is finding a pediatrician!  I have gotten a few suggestions of some doctors and now just need to give them a call.

I just can’t wait to have this little girl now!  I sure hope she decides she is ready very soon!

Birth Class

Last night we attended birth class!  It was really helpful.  I did have to deal with Blake wanting to crack jokes before class got started but he finally behaved and I think he actually enjoyed it.  We learned all sorts of great positions I can labor in to help relax and ways Blake can massage my back during contractions.  We also went over the 3 stages of labor and what to expect and do during each one.  I think this all helped so that we can stay calm and know a bit more about what to expect.  The best part of the whole class was that it eased Blake’s mind on the fact that we are having a home birth.  He has really started to get nervous of that and was ready to cancel it all and go to the hospital.  Our teacher talked so highly of the home birth experience and I think he just needed to hear that.  And of course hear that it is safe!  Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to attend the visits I have with the midwife so he is a little out of the loop.

I really learned how much I enjoyed using the birth ball and need to go get one now!  Just sitting on it now was so much more comfortable than any chair.  I think using it while in labor will help tremendously with my back pain!  I learned a few other great positions that I think will help with that!

Now just a few more things to do and we will be ready!  It is April!!!  It feels great to say we will have our baby this month!

How will I get through the Delivery?

This has been a question on my mind more and more as time has gone by.  I finally realized one day that I was completely terrified and had no clue what to expect and how to get through it.  We were signed up to take a birthing class at one of the local hospitals but the more I thought about it the more I realized this was not going to be enough to prepare either of us for a home birth.  My midwife encouraged me to find a class at a local place called Baby Moon.  They provide various pre-natal and post-natal resources such as: child birth, breast feeding, yoga, massage and baby sign language; just to name a few!  The classes look great but I had trouble finding anything that fit into our available time or budget.  I recently looked again when I started to get nervous about the birth hoping the new calendar year would provide more classes.  I was in luck!  I registered us for a class called Labor Workshop for Couples.  I think this will defiantly be more helpful for natural childbirth than what the hospital would offer.  I am very thankful that we have such a place close by to offer these resources!

Another way I have been trying to prepare and ease my mind about this is by reading lots of books!  My midwife has brought me a few that have been helpful.  She let me borrow: Birthing From Within, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and Gentle Birth Choices.  These were all great books!  I still felt like I needed more information aside from these books though.  While we were in Louisville we went to Half Price Books and I found a few other books.  I am so glad we did because they have helped give me so much more peace of mind!  Right now I am reading Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way.  I really am getting so much out of this book.  One thing I really like is that she lays out things for the mother and then for the birth coach.

I have been wondering how to get Blake on the same page as me because we have hardly talked about the birth and what will happen.  He is a certified EMT so he does know the text book things when it comes to giving birth but there is no doubt that a home birth is just different than those things.  I was starting to learn things from this book that I didn’t even know!  I am only familiar with what little bit my mother and sisters have said about hospital births and what I have seen on TV.  I didn’t understand how the body really works in labor.  I have been sharing the things I am learning with Blake and I think it is helping ease his mind too.  The fact that he was scared was just making me even more scared and I am glad to now feel the fear diminishing!

I also got a book called Hypno Birthing.  I have not started this book yet but it looked great when I thumbed through it.  My midwife kept suggesting a hypno birthing class from Baby Moon so I thought I would read the book.  It also has a relaxation CD included with it.  A few of these books have quit a bit of the new age thoughts included in them but I still find very many helpful things in each of them.

I feel like my birth plan is starting to take shape now.  I have a few things that I would like to try to get comfortable when the time comes.  I am going to start getting all of the materials together in one corner of our room so when the time comes we are prepared!  I will post a little more in depth about what we will be trying with our home birth and the materials we will need…just in case anyone reading this may be interested in having their own home birth in the future!

28.5 weeks

Wow it won’t me much longer and I will be posting photos of our sweet baby girl!  I can’t believe how time has flown by.  I am feeling pretty good.  I give a lot of the credit for that to the Wii Fit.  The yoga has been really good.  The hula hooping on the other hand causes me to have contractions so I will be avoiding that until I am ready to have this baby!  I have not been sleeping well at all but hopefully the new mattress will help some of that problem.  We should be getting that on Saturday!

I had my midwife visit finally today.  We were a bit postponed because of the ice storm last week.  Anyway everything went really well!  I am still measuring a little big but not as much.  I was 5 weeks too big and now only 3 weeks.  Sarah says she is not worried and thinks it is just excess fluid.  She could feel the baby really well today and said she doesn’t feel like she is big herself.  She did say that the baby was in a really good position with her head down and her back coming up my left side.  Her heartbeat sounded really good and all my tests went well too.  My blood pressure has been back down and there was no glucose showing up this time.  My hemoglobin levels were not too bad but she said I could use a bit more iron to prevent me from being anemic.  Also that might be why I am overly tired.  Obviously this far along I will be tired but she said it sounds like I might be a bit more tired than I should be.  I don’t eat any red meat so I might try eating more of that to help with the iron.  The last thing she checked was my blood type.  I didn’t know mine and Blake doesn’t know his so she checked mine today.  I am O- so she will have to check the baby’s cord blood when she is born for RH positive.  Not too big of a deal but good to know.  Sarah can give me the Rhogam if I need it.

Since the time is getting closer to have this baby and I have been trying to get things in order I figured I should start getting things that I will need for the homebirth.  This being my first I wasn’t sure what all I might need but want to be well prepaired.  Sarah gave me a supply list so I can start getting things together.  Most everything are household items but a few will have to be purchased.  I will feel good once we get everything gathered up and ready to go!

Hopefully I will be getting better sllep soon and having a bit more energy to get everything done.  We are taking a small trip at the end of the month that should be relaxing and then we start baby classes and baby showers!  Fun times ahead!