1 Month

I can’t believe that Piper is already a month old! It is very bitter sweet for me. I love that she is getting bigger but I hate that she is no longer a new little baby.

She has been the best baby! She is not fussy unless she is hungry. Since the first night she has been sleeping all night long for me! In the beginning she would feed around 1am and then sleep until 6am. Now she is eating around 11pm and sleeping until 6:30am. The biggest struggle that we have had is that she doesn’t like to sleep by herself. She has been sleeping in bed with me most nights. During the day she would wake up if I would put her down. We were not getting anything done around the house and I was not getting much rest. That also has lots to do with the fact that I haven’t updated my blog very much.

Piper is now letting us put her down more often and is even sleeping most nights in her bed. She has been great whenever we take her out anywhere. She just sleeps the entire time we are out.

Here are a few pictures of her.
This was after her first bath. She hated every minute of it.  She was 4 days old here.


Here she is at 3 weeks old.  She is really liking her baths now!

I have always been very surprised at how alert she is and how well she can hold her head up.  She lays on her belly and just looks all around.  One of my favorite things to watch her do is interact with Blake.  She puckers up and gives him kisses.  It is the sweetest thing ever!


Here she is giving dad kisses!

Chloe seems to really like her.  She sniffs her and licks her but up until now she has freaked out if we put Piper to close to her.  Today she decided that she wanted to snuggle with her.  I have been telling Chloe that they would soon be best friends.


So sweet!


Here she is 1 month old.  My baby is growing up too fast already!


Help Getting Stains Out

My little girl is making such a mess in her clothes already!  We do not have many things that fit her because we don’t have many things in the newborn size.  This is okay because she is not far from being in the 0-3 months size.  But she has so many blow outs and when she spits up she manages to get it all the way to her toes so I am running out of outfits fast.  I have no idea how to treat the clothes to keep them from staining.  I would love some advice from any of you mothers out there!  We are dealing with breast milk as an fyi.  I am using Dreft right now and of course I have stains still.  Will spraying them with Shout work or does anyone have any better home remedies?

One Handed

I have been trying to write my birth story.  Typing one handed is very slow!  Piper doesn’t let me put her down very much so when she does blogging is the last thing I have time for.  I finally got a shower yesterday!  She is really doing very well, eating good and sleeping great!  She just likes to be close.  I am going back to enjoy this little baby now…

What a Face

Someday I might have time to write her birth story…for now here are a few pictures!


She has just been wonderful!  She is very alert and expressive.  I think we could sit all day and watch all the faces she makes!