CVS Trip 3

Tonight we had to go pick up a prescription for Blake at none other than CVS.  (Thanks Babe for having it sent there just because you know how much I love going to CVS!)  So I thought I would get a jump on some of the deals that I was going to get later this week. 


I got all this (and 2 Cadbury Eggs that didn’t make it to the picture) for free.  My in-laws are starting to think that I just rob CVS.  I told them I am using ECB’s (they joke and say they are Erin Craig Bucks). 

Tonight my total came to 25.82.  I used 4/off 20 coupon.  Then I used 22 ECB’s to pay for the rest.  I got 23 ECB’s back!  So I guess you could say I made 1 dollar!

This was the first trip Blake has gone with me.  I think he really liked walking out of there with a bag full of stuff and not paying a penny.  Or maybe he just liked that I told him he could buy whatever he wanted as far as candy and stuff goes because I needed some fillers.


CVS Trip #2

There were not many good deals this week.  I just picked up some things we needed and used my ECB’s to pay.  I got 9 ECB’s back and spent 42 cents out of pocket.


Also I picked up this plant with my 10 dollar coupon at Lowes.  I spent 58 cents out of pocket.


Success at CVS

Wow I did great!  It took me a little to figure out all the deals but in the end I came out ahead $1.17.  Or I will at least.  Let me break it down.

Total- 128.63
Coupons and In Store Savings-67.81
Out of Pocket Cost-60.82
Mail in Rebate-12.99


In the end I made 1.17!

First CVS Trip to Come

Okay girls.  I am such a rookie at all this couponing and CVS deals but i am so excited about the trip I have planned!  This will be my first trip and I think I am going to do great!  I would post my plans but I am afraid they won’t work the way I have planned.  Check back later this week to see how it works out!