Starting to take shape

Our yard has been a terrible mess!  Here you can see when all we had was lots of mud!  It was terrible!  We had stepping stones but they didn’t really help.  We were having to wear rain boots to get up to our driveway.  Then finally we had our walkway finished at the end of this winter.  You can see how it turned out here.  Now while we are waiting on this baby to arrive we have been doing lots of work in the yard.  We can finally sit outside and really enjoy it.  There are still so many plants I would like to plant but we are just getting a little start.  Everything is starting to green up really well.  We are getting some grass to grow successfully and added a few plants here and there.

yardWe planted a flowering burgundy cherry tree, a honeysuckle, 2 blue hydrangeas, and some veggies and herbs.  We also put in the solar lights to help light up the walkway.  I can’t wait till we get the lattice up around the bottom of the deck.  That will help give the area a cleaner more finished look.  But for now I think it is looking far better than it was months ago!  By the time Piper can crawl around outside we should have some thick grass for her!


2 Responses

  1. WOoF! What a yard to run in! I bed Chloe LOVES it!! 🙂 I am keeping my Paws crossed Baby comes soon!!


  2. I love it!!!!!!
    It looks GREAT!!!!!!!!
    We need to do sooooooooooooooooooooo much work on our yard – it’s sad!!!!!!!!! I think we are going to have 10 loads of dirt brought in and then we will laid sod!!!

    We’ve been getting BAD BAD BAD weather here – lots of rain – I’m hopping it will stop just so we can work on our yard!!!!!!!!

    I feel your pain – yalls yard looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

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