Blame It On The Rain

We never got any grass established in the yard this summer because the hot weather killed it.  So now this is what it looks like out our door.

yard What a mess.

It has gotten so slippery with the snow last week that Blake was driving the car down so that I wouldn’t fall trying to get up the hill to the driveway.  As you can see the car got stuck because of the heavy rain we have had.  We are planning on landscaping all of this and making a nice walk way but wasn’t planning that until next spring.  We just didn’t know I would get pregnant and have trouble walking up the hill.

Since we live in a walk out basement we have a hike to get to the car.  We have to walk out to the end of the deck and go up a hill to the right.  Next year we will be putting in a driveway and a safe walk way.  Until then…

I almost choose the title for this to be Ice Ice Baby because well that has been bad too.  Although I like the cold temps because I can deal with frozen ground more than mud.  You know the dogs have to go right through the mud each time they go out.  Needless to say they are living in the laundry room this week!

And for your listening pleasure I thought I would share some old school!


5 Responses

  1. horrible absolutely horrible

  2. I feel ya!!! Our back yard was a mess this weekend!!!!! It was nasty!!! I’m sooooooo glad we got the base of our back deck built this past weekend!!! YIPPEE!!!!

    Hang in there!!!!

    Be safe outside!!!

  3. Our yard doesn’t look much better! We tried to put in the yard last spring and it went dormant after a late frost and then washed away during some major rain in June. Now we’re stuck with weeds. Maybe this summer it’ll take? 🙂

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