CVS Trip 3

Tonight we had to go pick up a prescription for Blake at none other than CVS.  (Thanks Babe for having it sent there just because you know how much I love going to CVS!)  So I thought I would get a jump on some of the deals that I was going to get later this week. 


I got all this (and 2 Cadbury Eggs that didn’t make it to the picture) for free.  My in-laws are starting to think that I just rob CVS.  I told them I am using ECB’s (they joke and say they are Erin Craig Bucks). 

Tonight my total came to 25.82.  I used 4/off 20 coupon.  Then I used 22 ECB’s to pay for the rest.  I got 23 ECB’s back!  So I guess you could say I made 1 dollar!

This was the first trip Blake has gone with me.  I think he really liked walking out of there with a bag full of stuff and not paying a penny.  Or maybe he just liked that I told him he could buy whatever he wanted as far as candy and stuff goes because I needed some fillers.


4 Responses

  1. Okay you’ve convinced me. I’m gonna have to try this. It’s just staring me in the face saying, “Come and get me. I’m free.” I read that link you posted and think I get it so CVS here I come.

  2. Britni-I know you always talk about cost of living there in DC. You really should try it out. What have you got to loose? We now have enough deodorant to last about a year. I will not buy any more of that. Hopefully I can get some good deals on some of the other products we use soon!

  3. I was going to CVS yesterday to get their card and I got hung up with Jonesy by taking him to the vets. I think I’ll go tonight after work if it’s not raining. We have had 2 solid days of torrential rains. Simi Valley got 1.5 inches yesterday.

  4. What are you talking about here? i have tried the grocery game but I can’t seem to get it to work for me. HELP!

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