New Beginnings

I miss blogging!  As any of you mothers know, my life was turned upside down this year when we had our first child.  Blogging was NOT on the top of my list each day and I am sure you can understand why.  Now that things are getting settled and we are implementing a good schedule and routine I am missing everyone here!

I am thinking of starting a new blog and leaving this one behind.  I just feel that starting fresh would be nice.  And I would like to refine my content so that it isn’t just so random.  I need to know what my readers would like to see.  (Those few loyal ones that are left!)  So comments would be appreciated.

I do have a few things planned in the next few days.  One of which is detailed photos and video of an overhaul on my kitchen.  I organized the entire thing!  So stay tuned for that!


3 Responses

  1. I definitely love seeing your organization blogs! It gives me inspiration (and ideas!). And of course, as a Weim owner myself I love hearing about the little doggie! Also, I’m sure there’s lots of other moms out there reading your blog you don’t know about….and maybe you’re helping them too! 🙂 Keep blogging, my blogger friend!

  2. i miss blogging also. I am thinking of getting off Facebook so that I can blog more… but they are kind of like doing the same thing… kind of. okay, well god luck and maybe you will inspire me!

  3. You need to blog about what YOU want to blog about, or that passion will be missing. Otherwise, I know organization is very popular. It was one of the biggest hits when I had my WordPress blog. Recipes are also big hits. As are all the mommy blogs, but you’ll have to decide about which boundaries you are willing to cross and which you are not regarding privacy for Piper. There are pros and cons about both having a niche blog, as well as having a more random blog. I speak from experience having had both. As far as reading blogs, I prefer ones which have several specific topics, which is why I don’t have only food blogs on my blogroll, but most important is the personality of the blog writer. I’ll be looking forward to reading your blog whatever you decide on.

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