Help Getting Stains Out

My little girl is making such a mess in her clothes already!  We do not have many things that fit her because we don’t have many things in the newborn size.  This is okay because she is not far from being in the 0-3 months size.  But she has so many blow outs and when she spits up she manages to get it all the way to her toes so I am running out of outfits fast.  I have no idea how to treat the clothes to keep them from staining.  I would love some advice from any of you mothers out there!  We are dealing with breast milk as an fyi.  I am using Dreft right now and of course I have stains still.  Will spraying them with Shout work or does anyone have any better home remedies?


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  1. Hi Erin! I’ve found that it helps to at least rinse out the stains and treat them (with Shout)as soon as possible. Then I wash with a load of clothes and try to check to see if the stain came out before I put something in the dryer.

  2. For stains, I use the Dreft spray and HOT, HOT water (for milk stains). I found that baby clothes from our first were ruined after storage – mysterious milk stains appeared everywhere!

    I learned that the hot water helps get these out, I guess the fat is melted out. 🙂

    Even if you can’t see the stains now, they will return! So I started spraying the necklines with the Dreft spray and using hot water as much as possible. (since you can’t use it on darks)

    Sometimes, you might have to run something through two loads for it to come out. Just be sure not to dry the item if the stain still appears – it might not ever come out!

  3. Hey there! Yes, these are some tough stains! At first I couldn’t find anything to work well for our stains. I rub the stains with liquid Tide and it almost always comes out even if it has sat for a while or been put in the dryer. I put some in a spray bottle to make it a little easier.

  4. I found that soaking the stained items in 20 Mule Team Borax ( found in most stores) and detergent for a little while before washing as normal will take out most stains. For old, set-in stains from hand-me-downs or storage try wetting the stain in lemon juice and hanging it out in the sunshine, then wash as normal.

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