Shaping Up

I am currently going to an amazing Zumba class!  Girls if you haven’t heard about Zumba you must check it out.  Trust me there are classes everywhere so you will not have trouble finding one.

Even though I am doing better at getting a good workout I have not been losing any weight.  So it is time to tackle the eating, which means counting calories.  So here it goes for a few days last week:

Monday 4/26 Calories/Fat/Protein/Carbs

1:30 Frosted Mini Wheats               200/1/6/48
1/2 cup 1% milk                                    55/1/4/7

1:45 Brownie (small)                          122/4/1/21

2:00 20 0z water

4:00 Burrito with turkey                  533/23/35/47
(black beans, salsa, ranch dressing)

5:30 1 hour Zumba

7:00 Cliff Bar                                          240/5/10/44

8:30 2 Corn Tortillas                           130/0/3/27
(turkey and beans)

8:40 whole wheat muffin                  320/12/9/45
with Nutella
(oops I ate 2)

Daily Total                                            1920/58/77/284

Tuesday 4/27

11:30 Cliff Bar                                       240/5/9/43

12:00 water

12:00 30 mins run/walk treadmill

1:30 Turkey Sandwich                     370/8/34/31

5:30 Salad                                              165/16/2/2
Turkey on Corn Tortilla                    300/8/24/27
Yellow Rice                                            200/1/4/43

7:45 Green Smoothie                            140/0/2/33

9:00 Orange Juice                                   110/0/2/26
Cottage Cheese                                          110/5/12/5
Peaches                                                          60/0/0/15

Daily Totals                                                1695/41/90/225

Wednesday 4/28

11:00 Cliff Bar                                             240/5/10/44

2:00 2 Corn Tortilla  (turkey)                300/8/24/27
Yellow Rice                                                    100/0/2/21

5:30 Pizza Hut Pasta                                   350/17/17/32
1 bread stick                                                    150/6/4/20
Lemon Pound Cake                                        245/10/4/36
Lemonade                                                          98/0/0/26
Salad                                                                  174/15/3/8

11:00 Cottage Cheese                                  110/5/12/5
Peaches                                                               60/0/0/15

Daily Totals                                                   1827/66/76/24

This was really hard for me because I usually do not eat this much each day.  I have had some depression problems since having Piper and my eating has been greatly effected.  So I tried to eat more through out the day.  I think overall I did pretty good, I did lose 3.5 pounds that week!  Sadly I think I gained some of it back because we went away for the weekend.

Check out Sunshine’s Zumba Blog for her nutrition tips.  She is my Zumba instructor and I love her for that!


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  1. Dare I admit I haven’t heard of Zumba, when you say it’s everywhere? I’ll check it out. Always like to learn something new. Glad to see you are starting to blog a bit more often.

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