A Breath of Fresh Air

Oh don’t you just love the spring!  This weekend was great!  We worked around the yard doing some spring cleaning.  I even got a little sun burn!

For the most part I ave been enjoying the weather by throwing open a window on these warm days.  I have had so much going on that I haven’t been able to get out most days.

This month I have accomplished so many things!  I feel great and have just been on top of everything.  A few things I have checked off my list are:
– Mopping the floors and cleaning the baseboard.
– Organizing the entire kitchen.
– Organizing the bathroom closet.
– Buying a laundry sorter to solve the laundry mess.
– Purged the bedroom and office from paper junk and other items that didn’t belong there.
– Sticking to my weekly cleaning routine.
– Sticking to my monthly menu.

On top of that I am finding a little time to work on starting my own business.  I am getting back into photography finally.  I have a few jobs lined up in the next few weeks.  I am hoping to make enough money from these to purchase a set of lights and a few backgrounds!  I am so excited!!!

I hope everyone else is starting to have a great spring!  I love spring because of all the new growth.  How are you growing this spring?


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