Does Anyone Happen to Remember Me?

Sorry to all my loyal readers!  I have been just having a terrible time knowing what to write, having the time and many days wanting to.  Being a new mom has been so joyful!  And Piper is growing up so fast that I can’t believe it!

She is now 4.5 months.  She is sitting up pretty well and starting to scoot on her belly.  She has been teething for a few months but we still haven’t seen the first tooth.  She is so happy!  She loves to talk to anyone that will listen.  She also loves to sing when music is playing!

Here are a few pictures of her now.

Eating sweet potatoes!

Eating sweet potatoes!


Everything is funny to her!

Everything is funny to her!

Now you can see what is so easily keeping me away!

I will try to post more often.  I will not be making any promises though.  I am currently trying to regain control of my house so we will se how it goes!  We just set up a new budget and I am trying to get back into menu planning and stuff like that.  Organization is taking place…let’s hope it takes over!

In the mean time I hope you are all doing well yourselves and I hope to meet you here again…soon!


2 Responses

  1. Those pictures of Piper are simply beautiful!!! She is such a joyful little baby. We enjoy spending time with you guys!

  2. Such a happy baby! Babies grow up too fast, so enjoy every minute. I do miss your posts, though. Just think, Piper’s not even walking around yet to mess up everything you just straightened up. 🙂 No worries, you’ll get a handle on it. You can do it! You were organized before baby came along.

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