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Our house is such a mess!  I am not getting anything done around here because Piper still loves to be held all day.  She sleeps all night long for me but during the day she wakes up as soon as I put her down.  When she wakes up she just screams and screams so that leaves me holding her all day.  Really I enjoy it!  She looks at me and talks and laughs and smiles and it is just the sweetest thing!  I can’t get enough of her.  BUT my house work is piling up in mountains around us!  The dishes are the only thing that is being kept up with.  And they still don’t get done every single day.  Our dishwasher is still broken and so I just don’t get time to finish them most days.  The worst right now is the laundry, it is all clean but I have 5 loads sitting waiting to be folded.  Good luck finding a place to sit!

Tonight Blake jumped in and helped me get the kitchen clean!  He finished the dishes that I started last night and cleaned off all of the counter tops!  He even cleaned my 3 shelf cabinet that has been piled up so bad that everything falls off when you touch anything on it!  I have been hoping to get to that for months!  See I have proof of just how bad it was here.  Ok it had gotten even worse than that, but it is all nice and clean thanks to Blake!

Having him help me out like that just really meant a lot to me!  Especially since he will be working so much soon!  I am hoping that we can get this place under control so that way it won’t take too much each day to tidy up.  Thanks Babe!  I love you!


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  1. i am hoping that you can get it figured out soon. i know that it adds stress to you day! Do you have one of those little body swings that will hold piper close you but you can still move around?

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