Getting Back in the Swing of Things

We went to Ohio this past weekend so that my family could see Piper.  Most of them have not seen her yet.  We had a great trip, Piper traveled well and everything went smoothly!  She was easier than the dogs were last year!

My sister let us borrow her swing for Piper.  I am so thankful!  Piper still likes to be held all day so I have not been getting anything done.  Today we used the swing and while I didn’t get anything done (I was so tired after our trip) I didn’t have to hold the little one!  We had a really easy day, which considering how easy she was before it was like not having her.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having her I just love showers, breakfast, lunch, diner and a clean house as well!

Tonight I was able to make a roasted chicken seasoned with fresh herbs.  With no interruptions!  Since this was such a success I am going to start getting back into menu planning.  We need to get eating a little healthier around here and stop eating out so much.  I also want to get back to a strict grocery budget.  I have never stuck to one that well so I really need to learn how!  I want to be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables so I am going to check out the farmers market this weekend to see if I can find some cheaper deals than the grocery store!

I also hope to start posting more here!  I plan on trying lots of new recipes so stay tuned for ones that I like.  And of course there will be lots of pictures of Piper.  She is already changing and growing so much!  Until then…


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  1. Good luck. I hope the menu planning works out well for you…I like doing the post-menu planning 🙂

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