38 Weeks

We finally have the internet up and running again!  We are still waiting for the baby so no one missed anything!

I have been feeling pretty good.  Just tired and a bit out of breath.  I have been sleeping terrible, I can’t wait until I can sleep on my stomach again!  Or just roll over for that matter!  I am really hoping to have this baby soon!  She has been really low for the past few weeks and I have started to dilate and my cervix is pretty thin as of 2 weeks ago.  The midwife usually doesn’t do an internal exam but needed to a few weeks ago to make sure the baby wasn’t breech.  I really haven’t been having many contractions that I can tell at least.  I will notice my stomach getting rock hard but not really having any pain or discomfort with it.

I have my next midwife appointment tomorrow and can’t wait!  Sarah will be bringing with her the midwife who will help her during the birth.  I really look forward to meeting her!  The only thing really left to do before we have the baby is finding a pediatrician!  I have gotten a few suggestions of some doctors and now just need to give them a call.

I just can’t wait to have this little girl now!  I sure hope she decides she is ready very soon!


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