37 weeks

I thought I should check in.  Our internet is down right now and I didn’t want anyone thinking I was having the baby yet.  I will be sure to post on here as soon as I can or Blake can that we had her!  I haven’t been having any contractions so I don’t really feel like the time is that close.  I don’t think I am completely ready for her this week but will be ready next week.  There are just a handful of things I would like to finish around the house first.  As far as all the birth supplies I am completely ready.  Everything is in the bed room and ready to go.  I even have her bed all ready and a diaper and outfit set out for her arrival!  I can’t wait!

I haven’t been sleeping the best so I am trying to get as much rest as I can.  I had a couple of good days over the weekend and then with the cold weather started feeling icky.  My head is feeling some sinus pressure and I am feeling a little nauseous from time to time.  I think the weather is due to warm up in the next few days so hopefully that will help me feel better!  This snow in April has to go!


2 Responses

  1. How exciting! Any day from now and about five weeks from now… it will pass fast! Congratulations!

  2. can you believe it the snow.. how crazy! I bet she won’t come out until it’s warm, I am sure she is a smart girl like that. I have been feeling the sinus pressure as well. Hope you start feeling better soon! AND GET YOUR REST!

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