Birth Class

Last night we attended birth class!  It was really helpful.  I did have to deal with Blake wanting to crack jokes before class got started but he finally behaved and I think he actually enjoyed it.  We learned all sorts of great positions I can labor in to help relax and ways Blake can massage my back during contractions.  We also went over the 3 stages of labor and what to expect and do during each one.  I think this all helped so that we can stay calm and know a bit more about what to expect.  The best part of the whole class was that it eased Blake’s mind on the fact that we are having a home birth.  He has really started to get nervous of that and was ready to cancel it all and go to the hospital.  Our teacher talked so highly of the home birth experience and I think he just needed to hear that.  And of course hear that it is safe!  Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to attend the visits I have with the midwife so he is a little out of the loop.

I really learned how much I enjoyed using the birth ball and need to go get one now!  Just sitting on it now was so much more comfortable than any chair.  I think using it while in labor will help tremendously with my back pain!  I learned a few other great positions that I think will help with that!

Now just a few more things to do and we will be ready!  It is April!!!  It feels great to say we will have our baby this month!


4 Responses

  1. Very exciting! Mommy and I wish you the best of luck. Give some hugs to Chloe for us, cause I’m sure she’s a little nervous with all the changes going on!!


  2. i love that movie! If you use the ball promise me you won’t start making strange voo doo noises and rubbing jelly all over your body. John has had some bad experiences with this….

  3. You’ll have to send over those positions! The last hospital I was at offered the ball, but it didn’t seem like anything that I would want to do in the pain I was in….. I can’t imagine how it would feel good? Please share!

    Labor positions as well…. I can tell you that on your knees isn’t so hot – I turned as quick as my next contraction was over!

  4. Diana, did he fall off the ball and hurt himself or something ? 🙂

    Erin told me about that story, that’s funny.

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