36 weeks

Now with just a month or less I am getting eager!  I am really hoping to go early.  Only because the past week has taken a toll on my back!  She dropped last Tuesday when I was having some contractions and now she must be putting lots of pressure on my spine.


If you compare this week to 4 weeks ago you can see the difference!

I am not really ready for her but I am ready to get her out!  I still would like to get so many things done.  This past week was terrible.  With my back hurting I couldn’t do any of the things on my list.  I am trying to be careful because of the bad history I have had with it!  The last thing I need is throwing it out now!  I have just been staying in bed the past 5 days.  Very boring I might add.  Blake helped me out this weekend by cleaning some things up.  I did go through all the baby shower gifts and now just have to do laundry and put things away.  The only other thing that has to be finished before we have her is getting together the items on the birth list.  I have gathered most of the items on our home birth list and just have to get a few more items.  I will share the list in the next few days!


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  1. Loving the baby bump!! Shall we have a race – see who goes first? 🙂

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