35 weeks

Last night was so terrible.  I started having contractions around 3 or 4 pm yesterday.  This was the first time that I felt them in my back.  They were coming often but not getting any stronger and would go away when I moved.  As long as I stayed off my feet they weren’t too terrible.  But they continued all evening.  I was starting to get worried and thought I should just try to go to sleep.  I felt better when I laid down.  I only had one contraction after I laid down and it was very painful.  Now today I haven’t had any but my back hurts so bad from the contractions last night.  I am having trouble walking.  Stiffness just made its way into my muscles and hasn’t left.  Oh how I have feared back problems through this pregnancy.

I guess I will try getting into the chiropractor tomorrow.  This baby needs to hold out for at least a couple more weeks.  And my body does too.  I have so much I still need to do.  I know if all else fails my mother-in-law will help me finish getting things in order around the house but I hate to have to ask.  Before all that I was feeling really good.  Oh I will be glad when this is all over!  If only I could relax then…ha!!!  Is there any relief in sight?


2 Responses

  1. I hope you feel better!!! =(
    Hang in there…like you said…a few more weeks!!!! I can’t wait though!!!! =)

  2. I wish I were there I could try to help you out. I’ll be praying for you.

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