Let’s Try This Again

Last year we tried growing grass.  It took off really quickly and was looking good but then the dry season hit us and it all died.  We just got it started too late in the year.  So now we are trying it again!  The yard stays shaded for half of the day so it stays pretty moist.  We seeded it last night and put straw on it.  I am hoping the straw will help cut down on the dirt and dust we are getting in the house.  Someday maybe I can finally keep my floors clean!  Hopefully we can get some nice pretty grass this year!  I can’t wait to see Piper crawling around in it one day!  Let’s just hope it works this time!


2 Responses

  1. Enough about the grass show us some of your baby gifts! Or are you waiting to have Piper model them for us! : )

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