For My Sister

I talked to my sister on the phone today.  I had said it didn’t seem like I had gotten much done this week and she said “at least you posted some pictures on your blog”.  So her is another picture for her…and anyone else who cares!

livingafterI have cleaned and organized the living room.  As soon as I complete the wall hangings I am making we will have something on the wall too!

livingbeforeThis is how terrible it was looking.

Now I have to go finish cleaning the rest of the house so I can post more pictures so everyone doesn’t think my house STILL looks like this!


7 Responses

  1. Thanks Erin!! It really looks good.

  2. Hey, Kylie’s Mom here, The stairs look great, I love the wii fit!!! LOL

    Hang in there!!


  3. i really like your tv hutch thingie????

    And I see you have the Wii fit out! Yea! We are still trying to decide if we are getting that. How is the car situation?

    • Diana-We sold Blake’s Jeep a few weeks ago and just bought a VW Passat Wagon this past weekend when we went to Ohio. We found it in Cincy and got a great deal! We are so glad everything is behind us with the Jeep nightmare!

  4. We just painted our living room a brown like this color. It’s beautiful!!

  5. This looks great!! 🙂 It looks like a very warm and comfy room.

  6. I love love love love it!!!!!

    It looks GREAT!!!!!! =)

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