Grocery Shopping

I went into our local Kroger today for some shopping. I was really excited when I noticed that along with the stores remodel they expanded the health food section to 3 large isles!  I decided to stroll down it and see what they offered.  To my surprise I found lots of the fresh items marked down on managers special.  I guess not many people in our town eat very healthy.  I found organic milk for about 2 dollars a gallon, organic eggs for 1.50, organic chicken and lots of snacks marked down.

I had not tried organic milk before but really liked the taste!  I am hoping that I can continue to find it marked down like this in the future!  Sadly the people in the area we live in do not eat very well or think organic food is a necessary thing so I figure it will be marked down often.  I am thankful for the stores remodel and expanding this section because the closest health food store is 45 minutes from us!  I think I will go back and stock on on more if they still have things marked down.


2 Responses

  1. awesome! Organic can be very expensive! Do you guys have local farmers market? I haven’t gotten into the organic, but I do like to eat fresh and local!

    • We do have a farmers market but we like the one in Lexington better. There isn’t much selection here and it is kinda ghetto…in the Big Lots parking lot. But this year I hope to have a good garden!

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