Quick Update

I am still here.  Just very busy and very tired!  We are getting lots crossed off our big list of things to do.  We sold Blake’s Jeep and are now shopping for something a bit more baby friendly.  Also we are now out of the mud!  Blake’s Dad and brother worked really hard for a few days and built us a staircase to get up and down the muddy hill leading to our house.  It is finished except for the handrails and details.  It looks great!  We can now invite people to our house without having to worry about them getting muddy and we don’t have to wear rain boots just to get to the car.  I have also gotten the house in great order.  There are still some things to clean and organize but overall everything is just about baby ready!  I will post some pictures of everything this week!


4 Responses

  1. Show us a pic of your new steps!!!
    I bet they look GREAT!!!!

    Wow, yall sold the jeep! =(
    I love jeeps!!! I’m sure yall were sad to see it go but I bet you are really excited to get a new baby friendly car!!!! =)

    Just wanted to stop by and say THANKS for the sweet comments about the pics and wedding!!!!! =)

    Now we are the reception to get ready for – April 4th! After that Im hoping life will get back to NORMAL – or at least what we call NORMAL!!! lol

  2. Hey Jeannie, Congrats on the wedding, looked pretty cool ! Things never actually go back to normal, as soon as they appear to be headed that way, something will come up — in our case…a baby.

  3. Sounds like things are coming together so nicely, just in time for Piper! You’re getting so close. 🙂

  4. hi hi, we are back.. hope to be blogging soon! How is the belly… I hope it is well… ARE YOU READY????

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