How will I get through the Delivery?

This has been a question on my mind more and more as time has gone by.  I finally realized one day that I was completely terrified and had no clue what to expect and how to get through it.  We were signed up to take a birthing class at one of the local hospitals but the more I thought about it the more I realized this was not going to be enough to prepare either of us for a home birth.  My midwife encouraged me to find a class at a local place called Baby Moon.  They provide various pre-natal and post-natal resources such as: child birth, breast feeding, yoga, massage and baby sign language; just to name a few!  The classes look great but I had trouble finding anything that fit into our available time or budget.  I recently looked again when I started to get nervous about the birth hoping the new calendar year would provide more classes.  I was in luck!  I registered us for a class called Labor Workshop for Couples.  I think this will defiantly be more helpful for natural childbirth than what the hospital would offer.  I am very thankful that we have such a place close by to offer these resources!

Another way I have been trying to prepare and ease my mind about this is by reading lots of books!  My midwife has brought me a few that have been helpful.  She let me borrow: Birthing From Within, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and Gentle Birth Choices.  These were all great books!  I still felt like I needed more information aside from these books though.  While we were in Louisville we went to Half Price Books and I found a few other books.  I am so glad we did because they have helped give me so much more peace of mind!  Right now I am reading Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way.  I really am getting so much out of this book.  One thing I really like is that she lays out things for the mother and then for the birth coach.

I have been wondering how to get Blake on the same page as me because we have hardly talked about the birth and what will happen.  He is a certified EMT so he does know the text book things when it comes to giving birth but there is no doubt that a home birth is just different than those things.  I was starting to learn things from this book that I didn’t even know!  I am only familiar with what little bit my mother and sisters have said about hospital births and what I have seen on TV.  I didn’t understand how the body really works in labor.  I have been sharing the things I am learning with Blake and I think it is helping ease his mind too.  The fact that he was scared was just making me even more scared and I am glad to now feel the fear diminishing!

I also got a book called Hypno Birthing.  I have not started this book yet but it looked great when I thumbed through it.  My midwife kept suggesting a hypno birthing class from Baby Moon so I thought I would read the book.  It also has a relaxation CD included with it.  A few of these books have quit a bit of the new age thoughts included in them but I still find very many helpful things in each of them.

I feel like my birth plan is starting to take shape now.  I have a few things that I would like to try to get comfortable when the time comes.  I am going to start getting all of the materials together in one corner of our room so when the time comes we are prepared!  I will post a little more in depth about what we will be trying with our home birth and the materials we will need…just in case anyone reading this may be interested in having their own home birth in the future!


4 Responses

  1. you are getting very SLEEEEEPPPPPYYY! 🙂

    I hope you had fun on your trip in Louisville! Can’t wait for the baby! IT has been a crazy busy month for us both. We are headed to Texas on the 7th… trying to get ready for the now!

  2. Good for you for reading so many books! With my first I didn’t read much, other than the conventional book my doc gave me, and I was totally unprepared for what actually happened. I love the Bradley book as well! So much great info! The hypnobirthing book – was good, but yea, lots of new age stuff. I think putting them all together will work for me this time!

    And what is it with hubbys not hopping on board? I’m sure if they were about to go through the greatest pain of their life, they’d wanna know what to do! I just keep telling mine that I’m so glad he’s going to be there to help me along and that he’s gonna be my biggest help in trying to relax.

    I’m also bringing a signed birth plan to the hospital with me so the nurses know what my doctor will and will not let me do! Some nurses just think they know better than everyone else….. 🙂 Plus I don’t want anyone mentioning an epidural this time. Last time I felt so pressured to have one because EVERYONE asked me about every half hour when I wanted it.

    And your belly looks so cute – even if you think you look large! We’re down to the wire now!

  3. I found a lot of help from taking Birthing From Within-esque classes with my second birth (waterbirth at a freestanding birth center) and am currently reading through the book to help me with preparing for my third birth (planned home waterbirth). I liked the Ina May book and also Mothering’s “Having a Baby Naturally.” A friend lend me the Hypnobirthing material but I haven’t checked it out yet.

  4. I have interviewed the same midwife and would love to hear how things went with your home birth and how you like your midwife?

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