Ready to go Home

I am impatiently sitting in the lobby of the hotel waiting for Blake to get finished with his class.  It is just before 2pm because I was able to get extended check out until then.  But his class is not due to be over until 4.  I am hoping that the class will finish a bit earlier.

We had a pretty good trip but are ready to go home.  We both miss our bed and our dog.  I miss home cooked meals though I don’t miss cooking them.  Eating out every meal gets old fast.  I have tried to pick healthy options the best I can but that hasn’t been that easy.  Keeping hydrated hasn’t been the easiest either.  Our hotel room was hot even with the air conditioner on full blast.

We ended up not doing any sight seeing at all.  We were going to go downtown last night but we just didn’t have the energy.  We decided we will have to try to make a trip back when we can actually do more than drive around and just look at things.  We ended up just going to some book stores after dinner and I am thankful we did.  I managed to find 2 really good books about birthing that will help elevate some of my fears.  They have also provided me with some entertainment today while having to sit in the lobby.

We did have one really nice evening out.  We ate at The Cheesecake Factory and walked around the mall a bit.  I have really been far to tired to do much.  Walking around very long hasn’t been easy on me.  I am having some pelvic pain due to the pregnancy that flares up when I just take a few steps.  I look forward to going home and going to the chiropractor tomorrow.


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  1. Great blog and hope to have time soon to come back and read some more! xx

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