So today I used for the first time the Electrasol Gel Packs that I got free last year.  Thankfully Chloe alerted me in a pretty timely manor that the dish washer was overflowing all over the floor.  Had the dog not gotten my attention I would have had a mess!  I tried finding if others were having a similar problem with these but it seemed only if they had soft water.  We do not have a softener so now I am asking everyone here if they have had a problem with them?  And what should I do with the rest of the box I have?  Are there any other good uses out there for these things?


4 Responses

  1. Chloe saved the day!

  2. We have hard water with a water softener, and we use the Electrosol tablets. I have not had a problem with them.

  3. We use them all the time, both those and the hard tablets. No problems here, but we had a similar experience with the washing machine and it was a really big mess.

  4. Thank goodness for Chole!!!!! For real!!!!

    We need a new dishwasher so bad!!!
    I’ve never tried these? I was kind of freaked out by them?!?!? Wondering if they would really come out of the packet!

    I use liquid gel!

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