That List

I feel like my life is just one huge “to do” list right now!  We are getting things done.  The bedroom looks amazing.  We got a new mattress over the weekend and the old one is propped against the wall right now, but I will post pictures as soon as it heads to the trash.  It is all clean and ready to be filled with baby stuff!  The dinning room is a usable place now!  We got out chairs and reclaimed the table instead of it being a dumping ground.  I am sleeping better which means a little more energy to get things done.  I do need to get to the chiropractor because my back is hurting the past few days.  I got a bit of laundry done today but mostly just worked on a list of things to do this week.  I went threw each room and made a list of things that need done.  Here is what I am going to be doing:

Kitchen-  organizing the shelves
cleaning off the counters
organizing the corner cabinets
organizing the fridge
organizing the pantry


The shelves which need some TLC!


The pantry is a huge mess.


The fridge has been cleaned but just needs organized.

Living Room –  organize the drawers in the black dresser
finish putting away the laundry
clean off the entertainment unit


Entry Way –  break down cardboard boxes and put out with trash
find homes for a few odds and ends

Bathroom –  clean sink
clean toilet
take out trash
organize bins in closet

All rooms then need vacuumed, mopped and dusted!  (Does anyone else have as much problem as I do keeping a clean floor?)

I figure I should be able to tackle these jobs pretty easily!  I will just do one or two a day depending on how much energy I have that day.  I will post my progress soon!  How are all your “to do” lists coming along?


6 Responses

  1. Ooh if you have any tips for organizing a pantry let me know. Mine is a DISASTER!

  2. Keeping a clean floor is so hard…I agree!

  3. You are a busy little bee!!! lol

    I’m with you on the floors!!! It’s soooooooooooooooo hard for us to keep them clean!!!!

  4. I love your TV Stand!!!

    Love it!!!

    How is the new bed?!?!?

  5. I reorganized my kitchen pantry and refrigerator a few weeks ago – it is so nice now!! 🙂 The hard work will pay off.

  6. […] on it!  I have been hoping to get to that for months!  See I have proof of just how bad it was here.  Ok it had gotten even worse than that, but it is all nice and clean thanks to […]

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