28.5 weeks

Wow it won’t me much longer and I will be posting photos of our sweet baby girl!  I can’t believe how time has flown by.  I am feeling pretty good.  I give a lot of the credit for that to the Wii Fit.  The yoga has been really good.  The hula hooping on the other hand causes me to have contractions so I will be avoiding that until I am ready to have this baby!  I have not been sleeping well at all but hopefully the new mattress will help some of that problem.  We should be getting that on Saturday!

I had my midwife visit finally today.  We were a bit postponed because of the ice storm last week.  Anyway everything went really well!  I am still measuring a little big but not as much.  I was 5 weeks too big and now only 3 weeks.  Sarah says she is not worried and thinks it is just excess fluid.  She could feel the baby really well today and said she doesn’t feel like she is big herself.  She did say that the baby was in a really good position with her head down and her back coming up my left side.  Her heartbeat sounded really good and all my tests went well too.  My blood pressure has been back down and there was no glucose showing up this time.  My hemoglobin levels were not too bad but she said I could use a bit more iron to prevent me from being anemic.  Also that might be why I am overly tired.  Obviously this far along I will be tired but she said it sounds like I might be a bit more tired than I should be.  I don’t eat any red meat so I might try eating more of that to help with the iron.  The last thing she checked was my blood type.  I didn’t know mine and Blake doesn’t know his so she checked mine today.  I am O- so she will have to check the baby’s cord blood when she is born for RH positive.  Not too big of a deal but good to know.  Sarah can give me the Rhogam if I need it.

Since the time is getting closer to have this baby and I have been trying to get things in order I figured I should start getting things that I will need for the homebirth.  This being my first I wasn’t sure what all I might need but want to be well prepaired.  Sarah gave me a supply list so I can start getting things together.  Most everything are household items but a few will have to be purchased.  I will feel good once we get everything gathered up and ready to go!

Hopefully I will be getting better sllep soon and having a bit more energy to get everything done.  We are taking a small trip at the end of the month that should be relaxing and then we start baby classes and baby showers!  Fun times ahead!


4 Responses

  1. fun times.. I can’t believe it is going by so quickly.. at least to me in blog world. I hope you are enjoying it!

  2. Hi there,
    I saw your comment on a Katherine’s blog as I was looking for Christian midwives in Lexington. I see you are with Sarah. May I ask if you found a Christian mid-wife? I am expecting for the 5th time. The first is in Heaven and the other 3 were delivered at Central Baptist. I was especially disappointed the last delivery of our son. The Hospital practically ties you to a bed and takes over completely! After he was born, I knew if the Lord ever blessed with another child, I would hope to deliver at home.

    My husband is the pastor at Faith Baptist Chruch here in Lexington. He is really not enthusiastic about a midwife and especially not a home birth! I am praying that he will change his mind. We are only 7 weeks along, so we have plenty of time. I am concerned that a midwife would be a Christian and not of a new age belief. Were you satisfied with your midwife’s testimony? Thank you.

    Lord Bless,
    Rebecca Hearn

  3. Fun times ahead for sure!!!! =)
    I’m glad everything checked out okay!!!!! =)

  4. Glad everything is going so well! And I’m super jealous you get to have her at home! No such luck for me this time.

    Hang in there and get some sleep!

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