I Love the IRS

At least this year!  We will be getting a pretty descent sized return this year.  We had planned to use some of it toward getting a new mattress until we did our taxes.  After I did our taxes I quickly realized we had enough to also get some dinning room chairs!  Can you believe!  We have had this beautiful table for some time now and just couldn’t find chairs that we felt matched that well.  We got the table like 8 months ago!!!  We have been eating meals at the kitchen counter where we have bar stools but how nice to be to sit at the table.  Blake has been wishing that we would have never gotten the table because it has been so hard to find chairs.  At least ones in our price range.  You would think that since we got the table so cheap (100 marked down from 700) that we would be willing to pay a bit more for chairs.  But no!  We refuse and therefore have no chairs.  The hard part really is just finding a good quality chair for the price we are willing to pay.  Until now!  I managed to find these great looking chairs on markdown at JCPenney!  Check them out here.  And here is our table.  I think they will look great together!  The best part was that with the great price we could afford to get 6 chairs rather than just 4!  Now we are ready to have some friends over for dinner.  Well as soon as the mud leading up to the door is gone!


2 Responses

  1. Congrats! It is always nice to get a suprise like that!

  2. I love the chairs!!! =) Love them!!!! Great find!!!!! I can’t wait to come over for dinner…lol! Just Kidding…that would be a long drive just for dinner!!!!

    I got a refund back but I was hoping for more!!! What I get will go towards our cruise – SPENDING for the wedding!!!!

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