All Most There

We spent out Saturday cleaning.  Blake was a huge help!  It feels so good to have the house cleaner.  We will have a few more things to do tomorrow but we made a huge dint in it today.  I have gotten so behind trying to get caught up on everything because it was just wearing me out.  Now that we are cleaning the entire house this weekend I should be able to take 1 or 2 jobs each day and keep up with everything.

Here is a run down of what we did and what we still have to do.  It might sound like our house was just a disaster but it was just…well kind of a disaster.

I did 2 loads of dishes and deep cleaned the fridge.  We had so many dirty dishes after a few days with no electric.  I still have to finish washing some pots and pans.
Blake cleaned all the tools and some construction trash out of the bathroom.  Then he took on the huge task of cleaning off the dinning room table.  This has been our dumping ground for a while.  It is so bad because we still don’t have any chairs to sit at the table.  So we just dump everything on it.  He also cleaned out some boxes that were under the table that were just a bunch of things with no home.  Now that we have our closets we have homes for lots of things.

We still have to put away a few loads of laundry, find a place to store our Christmas ornaments (they have just been sitting around since Christmas), pick up a few things in the bedroom, and a few things in the living room.  Those are all pretty small tasks.  The big thing we will do tomorrow is vacuum all the floors, clean the the baseboards and trim, mop and dust the floors, and dust everything else.

Not the best way to spend your weekend but it feels so good to get so much done.  Now I can do some of the small projects each week that need done before the baby.  Like cleaning out the pantry and going through odd drawers and baskets.  Finding appropriate homes for things that have yet to have homes.  We are still getting moved in I guess.  I just hope to be more settled before the baby comes.  I will post pictures of how great everything looks on Monday!


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  1. I took some time this weekend to organize my pantry and install a few more shelves, and it makes such a huge difference! If only I could find the time and motivation to go through the rest of my house. 🙂

    That’s awesome that you and Blake were able to get so much done.

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