Moving in the Wrong Direction

So this week was just an absolute terrible week!  I did get a slight start to my Spring Cleaning then it just went the other way!  I got trash picked up from around the house and started on some things that could get cleaned out.  I did manage to get 2 big baskets cleaned out and was ready to move on to something else.  Then we lost power for 2 days because of an ice storm and the house got trashed!  We had to drag out some camping supplies to help survive the freeze and also candles and stuff like that.  On top of that the dishwasher was full of dirty dishes when the power went out so everything we used landed on a counter.

I think the only good thing that came from any of it was that I had to pull everything out of the fridge and freezer to keep from loosing it.  I figure since everything is staying nice and cold on the porch in the cooler I should clean the fridge before putting everything back.  Speaking of the freezer, I almost lost the few meals I do have left in it.  I was doing really good about freezing extra meals so we would have them when the baby gets here.  I had a few lazy days recently and had used most of them.  I was feeling really guilty for doing so but now I am glad.  I would have lost them all!  We only had a few meals left and since they are defrosted we will just go ahead and use them.  Now I need to have a big cooking day to get it stocked back up.

Hopefully the rest of the house will recover from the past 2 days without wearing me out too much.  Blake said he will help me get things back in order!  That just might be how we spend our weekend…


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  1. We went through the same thing this past summer, with a wind storm. We ended up being without power for several days, so we lost all of of our food, despite all my effort no to. It was no fun! You are right, it does give you a chance to clean out the fridge/freezer. Good luck, and I am sorry this happend. It is not fun!

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